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70 On Going Strong – The Beatles Gem

June 27, 2014
Here’s a riddle for you. This knight is, perhaps, the most famous in the entire kingdom. He had the fairest maiden of his time. There’s nobody who can come close to him on the field. He has survived one of the biggest death hoaxes to date. When he whips out his choice of weapon, you… View Article

8 Biggest New York Yankees Legends

June 23, 2014
“Why do the Yankees always win?” The other team can’t stop looking at the pinstripes. That and when you are the most successful team in baseball history, it means you must be doing something right. The Yankees have done that and more to become the team to beat in Major League Baseball. 27 World Series… View Article

5 of the Greatest Men’s US Open Champions of the Open Era

June 18, 2014
The best tennis players from all around the world will make their way to Flushing Meadows in August for what will be the last Grand Slam of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s presenting the US Open. This epic tournament has set the stage for tennis greats to dazzle fans with their incredible skill and… View Article

10 Events you’ll regret to miss in this June

June 16, 2014
As summer sets in, the holiday season starts for most. The beaches beckon and seasonal attractions call. Off we go jumping in pools to cool off or strolling on the beach sides. But what if I told you, I’ve found a much more fun way to chill out? Want to know the secret? It’s this… View Article

7 Red Sox Players to look out for this Season

June 16, 2014
Boston Red Sox fans have been in a dreamland since they won the World Series in 2013. Well, who can blame them? What makes that triumph all the more sweeter for everyone is the fact that before the season got underway, no one gave them a chance. They were at rock bottom of AL East… View Article

13 Superstars of the 2014 World Cup

June 12, 2014
I am writing this blog a day before the FIFA World Cup 2014 kicks-off in Brazil. The biggest soccer tournament in the world is now upon us and I for one can’t wait for it. Now I have been thinking of writing on the players that I think will shine during the tournament for quite… View Article

Top 5 Major League Baseball Controversies

June 6, 2014
Since the soccer World Cup is just around the corner, I was reading about Italy and how they overcame the infamous “Calciopoli” match fixing scandal to win the biggest title in the sport in 2006. That is what made me think about some of the biggest controversies that have threatened to give Major League Baseball… View Article

Our Tony Awards predictions for The Best Musical

June 6, 2014
It’s time! It’s time to tap our red shoes twice, put on our phantom masks, get our inner badass out and belt the magnum opus of Chicago till the neighbors come-a-knocking. We all remember the ecstatic feeling of joy that we felt when Once took home the Tony for “Best Musical”, or when Spring Awakening… View Article

Six of the Best Managers in the World Cup

June 5, 2014
Soccer’s showpiece event, the FIFA World Cup is now upon us and it will feature some of the best players in the world. Dazzling us with their fancy footwork, these athletes will showcase their skills for an entire month. They, however, will not be the only ones under the spotlight. There will be plenty of… View Article

The Best Players Left Out Of The FIFA World Cup 2014

May 28, 2014
Chelsea man, Ashley Cole, didn’t  waste any time announcing his retirement from international soccer after he was left out by Roy Hodgson in the World Cup’s preliminary squad. Cole had been England’s best left back for years but his lack of games for Chelsea forced Hodgson’s hand. For one reason or another, there are players who… View Article