Monster Jam Show Tips For Kids

Monster Jam shows are full of huge trucks pulling off incredible tricks. You will not find many people who have attended Monster Jam Shows say that they did not enjoy what it had to offer. Then there is one of the biggest attraction of them all at Monster Jam shows, the Pit Party where fans [...]

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The New England Patriots Are Going To Win Super Bowl LI

There are some certainties in life that you cannot ignore or deny: Life, death, taxes and the New England Patriots making the playoffs. Since 2001 when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady came to town, the New England Patriots have been without a doubt, the most dominant team in the NFL. Their rise to the top [...]

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A Tale of Three Super Bowls and One City

  Houston may have not hosted the most number of Super Bowls, but it has certainly hosted two that are still etched in peoples’ memories. A lot of “firsts” in American football have happened in this city. One of the most exciting and defensive Super Bowl games has also been played in this city. Therefore, [...]

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List of MLB Players Suspended for Performance-Enhancing Drugs Since 2000

With the establishment of The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in 2000, Major League Baseball was about to initiate one of the biggest crackdowns on players using performance enhancing drugs (PED) in the history of sports. In fact, Sports Illustrated magazine refers to the decade of the 2000s as being defined by one major sports related [...]

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Tampa Bay Rays Performance in Last Five Seasons in MLB

Baseball is one of the oldest sports played in the US today, which is why the MLB features franchises that can trace their history back to over a hundred years. The first World Series was held over a hundred and ten years ago in 1903. This was two years after the formation of the American [...]

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