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Super Bowl Winners – A Glimpse into Football’s Biggest Game

August 28, 2023
The crowning glory of American football, the Super Bowl is more than just a game; it’s a national spectacle that transcends the boundaries of sports, capturing the collective imagination of a nation and attracting viewers from around the globe. With millions glued to their screens and packed into stadiums, the high-octane clash culminates in the… View Article

6 Wild Card Super Bowl Winners

December 30, 2019
It’s hard enough to make the NFL Playoffs on the back of a decent regular season record. Going on to win the Super Bowl is even tougher. But, doing so as a wild card entrant is often considered beyond the realms of possibility until a resilient team comes along to prove us all wrong. There… View Article

5 Life Lessons We Can Learn from the Patriots

February 9, 2017
Last Sunday saw the greatest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl final. The New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime to claim their fifth title. Many thought the Atlanta Falcons had a better side. They had the better players. They even had the better quarterback. With just nine minutes left in… View Article

Why live events make memorable experiences

January 26, 2017
  “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Adams Keller. And that what is felt by the heart does not fade away but stays with you like a beautiful memory. Memories are the most precious possessions. They can… View Article

Falcons vs. Patriots: Our Pick for Super Bowl LI

Falcons Vs. Patriots: Our Pick For Super Bowl LI
January 25, 2017
      And then there were two: The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will headline Super Bowl LI and rewrite history books once again. After what was a pulsating season, the Falcons and the Patriots came out as the two best teams in the NFL and they have absolutely merited it. The… View Article

NFC Divisional Playoffs Predictions

January 13, 2017
We had a look at the AFC Divisional Playoffs and predicted which two sides will go on to headline the conference’s championship game. Now the time has come for us to take a look at the other conference, NFC, and see what it has in store for us and all football fans around the country…. View Article

AFC Divisional Playoffs Predictions

January 13, 2017
The regular NFL season and the wild card rounds are done and dusted. Now it is time for the Divisional Playoffs to take center stage once again. Four teams from each conference will fight for a spot to headline their respective conference’s championship game and earn the right to headline Super Bowl LI. This is… View Article

The Dallas Cowboys Will Win Super Bowl LI

January 11, 2017
Fans are emotional and emotions can cloud one’s judgment. So if a Cowboys’ fan like me were to tell you that we’re going to win this Super Bowl, I’m being emotional, right? Wrong! Every football fan has heard of the adage that defense wins championships. Once this age old truth becomes the yardstick with which… View Article

Plenty of teams are yet to win the Super Bowl

December 26, 2016
The regular season is about to come to a close which means predictions about the postseasons are coming in from everywhere. The New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys are most people’s pick to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy this year. There are other contenders as well. One cannot count out the Oakland Raiders even… View Article