Super Bowl Prices Are Going Through The Roof

January 30, 2015

Last year’s Super Bowl in New York many thought would be the most expensive in history but the analysis turned out to be off the mark. It was then predicted that tickets to the Super Bowl XLIX will cost fans just about what the average has been over the last few years. Those prediction’s haven’t gone well either as this year’s game at the University of Phoenix Stadium looks set to be the most expensive in Super Bowl history.

The Super Bowl XLIX tickets prices have simply rocketed through the roof which is the exact opposite of what has been the norm in recent years. Over the last few years, the trend was that prices decreased as the game came closer and more than just a few tickets remained unsold.

This year however the trend has reversed and it has reversed spectacularly. Not only are there not a lot of tickets left to buy but the high prices have broken quite a few previous records as well. Today, the average price for a ticket to Super Bowl XLIX is averaging around an incredible $ 10,000. The mad scramble for tickets may now lead some manipulative minds to take advantage of the situation and sell fake tickets, which is another worry for the fans to be wary of.

So, the way we see it, the only thing left for fans to do is get their tickets as quickly as they can but after checking the authenticity of where they get them from. Yes, the Super Bowl comes around once a year and a lot of people would want to be a part of it at the University of Phoenix Stadium but being careful has not done anyone any harm before.

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