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March 12, 2019

Wild ‘n Out is an improvisational television and sketch comedy series that is hosted by the famous Nick Cannon. The series debuted on July 28th, 2005 on MTV and was also aired on MTV2 briefly from 2013-2016. The series was created by Nick Cannon in the US and has 8 seasons currently, with a total of 100 episodes. The team behind this popular show includes executive producers Candida Boyettons, Nick Cannon, Paul Ricci and Michael Goldman. The running time per episode is 22 to 24 minutes. If you want to experience the magic of Wild ‘n Out live, you are in luck. You can grab these Wild N Out tickets and attend one of the multiple shows that are about to take place across the country!

Wild ‘n Out will be travelling to various cities across the US, including Orlando, Chicago, Charlotte, Duluth and Houston between 23rd September, 2017 and 4th November, 2017. You don’t want to miss out!

About Wild ‘n Out

Wild ‘n Out basically puts two teams of comedians against each other in a series of improvisational comedy games. The teams play under names such as the “Red Squad”, which later became the “Platinum Squad”, and the “Black Squad”. The Platinum Squad is led by Cannon himself, while the Black Squad was led by a celebrity guest as of season 7. The situation was reversed for season 8, with Cannon becoming the captain of the Black Squad and the guest star leading the Platinum Squad. However, the original order was restored by season 9.

After three games, the two teams basically square off against one another in the final round of the game that is called “WildStyle”. In this round, both teams must deliver a punch line with a freestyle rap, directed at the team members from the opposing team. Most of the jokes are of an impersonal nature, while some settle personal “beef” with the opponents. The format of the show is quite similar to  ComedySportz.

Each episode of the show also involves a musical performance. This typically happens right before the Wild Style round begins.

The Production of Wild ‘n Out

The first four seasons of the show were filmed from Hollywood and were aired on MTV. After a suspension in production following a change in the production company, the show was revived in 2012. This time around, it was produced in New York City and was aired on MTV2 for season 5-7. The show returned to New York for its season 9 as well. In 2016, Wild ‘n Out returned to MTV and moved its production back to Los Angeles, for the first time since season 4.

The theme song for seasons 1 till 4 was produced by Fatman Scoop. For season 5, Nick Cannon worked on the music himself. In season 8, this new Nick Cannon version was remixed and used.

The Games of Wild ‘n Out

The series has certain games that are played, such as the World’s Worst, which featured the SNL comedian, Kenan Thompson. Other games include “You Can’t Say That”, “Let Me Holla”, “The Interrogation Game”, “The Hating Game”, “Before and After”, “Celebrity Death Battle”, “Turn Up For What”, “That’s My Dog”, “Trap N Out”, “Pie or Die”, “Rock N Beef”, “Talking Spit”, “Pillow Talk”, “Wildagram”, “Bail Me Out”, “Late Night Questions”, “Instaham” and many others of the sort.

The Present Cast of Wild ‘n Out

Even though the cast of the show experiences changes nearly every year, it has been somewhat consistent since season 8. Nick Cannon has been a constant member throughout, along with DJ D-Wrek. Other members include the likes of Anthony “Chico” Bean, B-Daht, Becky “Pickles” Robinson, Billy Sorrells, Blair Christian, Charlie Clips, Corey Charron, Conceited, Corey Holcomb, Cynthia LuCiette, Darren Brand, DC Young Fly, DeRay Davis, DoBoy, Elgin “Davisto” David, Emmanuel Hudson, Hitman Holla, Jack Thriller, Jacob Williams, Jess Hilarious, Jeremy “Burpie” Alsop, Jon Gabrus, Justina Valentine, Karlous Miller, Matt Rife, Michael Blackson, Nate Jackson, Rip Michaels, Ross Bryant, Teddy Ray, Timothy DeLaGhetto and Tonio Skits.

With all these super talented comedians gathered under one roof, there is no denying the amount of fun these upcoming performances would be. If you enjoy a good laugh and genuinely good humor, then you ought to get your hands on these Wild N Out tickets at the earliest. With the fame of these guys, the tickets are expected to sell out faster than you would imagine.

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