The Big Game Prediction: Who will win Super Bowl 50?

January 26, 2016
It is finally here. After months of waiting and praying, the time for Super Bowl 50 is finally upon us and what a ride it has been so far. This season has had its fair share of surprises, memorable games and now there are only two teams standing. This is the third consecutive time that both the number one seeded teams from each conference will be facing off in the big game as the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers. The experience of Peyton Manning will be put to the test by the dynamic Cam Newton. This is the first time two number one pick quarterbacks will be facing each other in a Super Bowl.As always, it is very hard to predict how a franchise is going to perform on any given day. In the case of the upcoming Super Bowl 50, both finalists have played better than any other side in the league and deserve their place in the finals. However we are going to have to properly analyze their performances in recent years, as well as this season to determine which franchise has the best chance of lifting the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy in the end.


The Denver Broncos

The Broncos were created in 1960 and were initially part of the AFL, before they moved to the NFL within ten years. Even though they struggled in their early seasons, they have since been among the most successful sides in the league, recording only six losing seasons in the last forty years. In this time they have also made seven Super Bowl appearances, winning it twice in consecutive seasons in 1997 and 1998. They have additionally won fifteen division titles and eight conference championships.

This season started very well for the Broncos as they went seven games unbeaten before their first loss. They finished the regular season with twelve wins and only four losses to claim the number one seed in the AFC. After moving on to the division round, they had to first get over the threat of the Pittsburgh Steelers, before they went head to head against the reigning Super Bowl champions and their long time AFC rivals, the New England Patriots. The Broncos emerged victors in the end, wining this close encounter by two points and in the process making their record setting eighth Super Bowl appearance.

The Broncos’ greatest asset this season has been their incredible defense. They had the best ranked defense in the league, and were ranked number five in downs, number one in passing defense, number three in rushing defense, number one in receiving and number two in punting. They allowed the fewest yards, passing yards and rushing yards per attempts. The Broncos also recorded the highest number of sacks this season. Their offense hasn’t been bad either, with the most important member being Peyton Manning. His timely return from injury was a huge boost to the side and his experience in the postseason is invaluable, with this being his fourth Super Bowl appearance to date. He will also be the oldest quarterback in history to play in the Big Game and much of his team’s fortunes rest on his shoulders.


The Carolina Panthers

The Panthers were formed in 1993 and have been part of the NFL for just twenty one years. Unlike most other franchises, they started life in the league quite positively and posted their first winning season record in only their second year. Since then they have continued to post encouraging results, which have in turn helped them win several major titles to date. These comprise of two conference championships and six division titles. They have also made two trips to the Super Bowl, including this year’s highly anticipated fixture.

Last year, the Panthers did not play at their best level, so it was a surprise when they started the 2015 season so well. They kept winning game after game and ended the season with fifteen wins and only one loss the entire year, grabbing the number one seed in the NFC. They then had to beat last year’s Super Bowl finalists, the Seattle Seahawks in the division round, before moving on to the conference championship to face the number two seed Arizona Cardinals. Even though the Cardinals had been playing really well this year, they were completely outplayed by the dominating Panthers and lost the game by thirty four points.

The Panthers had a decent defense throughout the season, but it was their amazing ability to outscore their opponents that got them this far. They led the league in total points scored and points per game, while they were ranked fourth in offensive downs. They were also ranked number one in rushing yards, rushing yard attempts, turnover deferential, takeaways and interceptions. However after having said all that, all eyes will be on Cam Newton, the leading candidate for this year’s MVP award. He has really pushed his game to new heights this term and leads the league in touchdowns with forty five in the regular season. He also leads other quarterbacks in rushing yards and will have to be on the top of his game if the Panthers are to win their first national championship in history.


The Result?

Both sides have enjoyed great runs in the league this season and each would be deserving of the win when Super Bowl 50 finally comes around. The Broncos have been excellent in defense this term and it would be a fairytale ending for Peyton Manning if he finally lifts his much coveted second Super Bowl title. He has at times dragged this team forward only by sheer will and this triumph will cement his place as one of the greats in history with this historic win. However it is hard to ignore the domineering way the Panthers made their way to the finals, as they proved over and over again why they are considered the most in-form franchise this season. Their offense, led by Cam Newton has been unrivalled this year and has what it takes to lift this side above their opponents in their next fixture.

After everything is said and done, we think the Carolina Panthers’ offense will be too hot to handle for the Denver Broncos and they will be travelling back home with the Vince Lombardi Trophy this time around. Sorry Broncos fans but this is how we see it.


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