Who can win the 2017 World Series: Our Predictions

April 14, 2017


The 2017 MLB season has kicked off and boy does it promise to be one for the ages. There are so many intriguing storylines heading into the season but the biggest question of them all is: Who will win the 2017 MLB World Series this year?

Now that is a million dollar question but the answer is not that simple. The Chicago Cubs came from the 3-1 deficit to clinch their first World Series in 108 years last time around but will they be able to defend it this season? They can but they will face stiff competition from a lot of other teams. There is so much competition in the MLB right now. A lot of teams have made headlines in the offseason while there are some that have gone under the radar.

So, with the season now in its early stages, these are the teams according to us that can win the 2017 World Series.

1-Chicago Cubs

Okay so let us discuss the current World Series champions first up. The Chicago Cubs surprised quite a few people by going all the way to win the World Series and end their 108 year wait. But, can they do it once again this season? They sure have the squad to repeat the feat. They have a lot of depth on that roster and the team is equipped to face different challenges because of the different options available to them. Since the season can throw up some unexpected surprises, it is always better to have multiple options and the Cubs look the best equipped side in that regard.

The pressure of the curse is now off and with the kind of squad the Cubs have it looks as if the shackles will come off this year and they will once again be a force to be reckoned with. Having said that, it certainly will not be easy because the New York Yankees are the last side to win back to back World Series and that happened in 2000. As for the National League, the Cincinnati Reds won two straight World Series in 1976 and no NL side has repeated the feat since. Only the Giants in 1922 and the Cubs in 1908 had recorded two successive World Series before the Reds in NL history. It might look tough but the Cubs defied the odds and a 108 years old curse last year so why can’t they do it again?

2-Cleveland Indians

Oh the Cleveland Indians. They almost ended their 68-year wait for the World Series last year and were just one solitary inning away from doing that. But as we now know, the Cubs stormed back from a 3-1 deficit to snatch the title from their grasp. Thus the wait goes on for the Indians.

The Cleveland Indians are looking very good and a lot of people are tipping them to go all the way and win the World Series in 2017. First of all they have an easy route to the playoffs this time around. The rivals look weak, at least on paper, and if the Indians stuck to the form they showed last year, they will make it to the postseason at a canter. Once they get there, they have a really strong side to tackle any team that comes their way. More importantly, they now know how to tackle the pressure of the playoffs and experience is always very important. It will take a very brave man to bet against the Indians going all the way to lifting the World Series in 2017.

3-Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers might go on to surprise a few people in 2017.They showed very good form last season and were unlucky to not beat the Cubs in the NLCS. They have won four straight division titles in a row since 2013 and have amassed more than 90 wins in each of those campaigns.

Yes, the Los Angeles Dodgers have not won the World Series since 1988 and have even come close to achieving the feat since but this is a sleeping giant that is now more than just stirring. The Dodgers might just turn out to be the surprise package in 2017 and well it certainly wouldn’t surprise us if they went on to win the World Series this year.

4-Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are one of the favorites to clinch the 2017 MLB World Series titles, if the odds are to be believed. The Red Sox will be going for their fourth World Series in fourteen years this season and they look good too.

David Ortiz has retired but they have signed Chris Sale and that is a big boost for the franchise. Then they also have two very good Cy Young Award winners in their ranks. Rick Porcello and David Price are exceptionally gifted players and more than capable of taking the Boston Red Sox all the way.

5-Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals on this list will surprise a lot of people but they deserve to be here at least as the dark horse of the MLB for 2017. The Nations have won three division titles since 2012 and have put together some roster.

Trea Turner, Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Koda Glover, Joe Ross and Bryce Harper are names that can take the Nationals on unchartered territory this season. Yes, the pressure is on the Nationals to go and win the biggest title in the sport but they have put together a more than solid roster which gives them a strong chance of winning their first ever World Series in 2017.

6-Houston Astros

The Houston Astros have made it to the playoffs only once in the last eleven years but there is good merit for them to be on this list. The Astros might not have made huge strides on the field but they have slowly but surely put together a very dynamic roster.

A big part of that has come from them having a very good farm system that has produced high quality talent. The Astros now have a lot of talented players like Jose Altuve who was third on the list of batters with the best average in the MLB last season. Then are the likes of George Springer, Carlo Correa, Brian McCann, Nori Aoki and Josh Reddick among others who can more than hold their own against any opposition.

There are the 6 teams according to us who can win the 2017 World Series this season. A lot of people will agree with us and then there are some who won’t. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you have one, then let us hear what you have to say.


  • amazonpriume.com says:

    With one of the premier pitching rotations in baseball, this team is set up nicely to make a run at a third-straight postseason appearance in 2017.

  • barclaintlb.com says:

    Although there are no guarantees in the game of baseball, it’s safe to say there are only 12 teams capable of winning the World Series in 2017.

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