Top 5 Baddest Monster Trucks and 2 New Additions to the Monster Jam for 2017

January 25, 2017

top 5 baddest monster trucks

Engines roaring, smell of dirt, cheering crowd and excitement in the air – yes, this is what the fans love about the Monster Jam. The season is in full swing and final preparations for the mega-sized action are underway for the 2017 season. For racing fans there is plenty to look forward to like the Monster Energy Supercross, AMSOIL Arenacross, Monster Jam Triple Threat and AMSOIL Championship Snocross.

Monster Jam Triple Treat is a relatively newer series and is promising a lot of excitement. So let’s check out what it has in store for 2017.

Monster Jam revealed the two new monsters in their impressive lineup in their Sept 7 Facebook Live preview show. Called the Megalodon and EarthShaker, fans are expecting them to live up to their respective names.

Megalodon TM is a shark body monster truck and there will be not one but two of these shark trucks in full attack in the Triple Threat Series TM Central. The drivers behind the wheels of the twin trucks will be Justin Sipes and Alex Blackwell.

The other entry is the “Dump Truck” now called the EarthShaker TM. It intends to stay true to its name when it makes an entry on the Triple Threat Series East Tour. Tristan England will have the honor of driving the EarthShaker.

Besides these two additions, here are the Top 5 Baddest Trucks of 2017 that make this season a must watch.

Grave Digger

Those who know of Monster Jam know Grave Digger.  The name is quite domineering and so is the truck which has come to enjoy the reputation of a legend among the monster trucks. Bad to the Bone, Grave Digger in action looks more of a beast crushing everything that comes its way. It has been a crowd pleaser with many championships to its name. It was built originally on a 1957 Chevy Panel wagon but today’s truck has a 555-ci Merlin engine. It is quite a spectacle when the green and black truck with skulls painted on it rolls in the arena to take on the challenges, amidst a cheering crowd.


2017 will be the last year for the truck that has won various racing and freestyle Monster Jam championships. Madusa is one of the first and only trucks to be named after its driver. Debrah Anne Miceli was the first woman driver to win the freestyle competition at the Monster Jam World Finals and the very next year she went on to win the racing title. The “Queen of Carnage” will see its last season and will want to make the last one extra special. So brace yourself for some mammoth destruction.

El Toro LocoEl Toro Loco

Also called the Crazy Bull, this truck has been a big favorite with crowds. Owing to its popularity, an additional truck was launched in 2016 so that the fans could have entertainment loaded with stunts and action.  Nothing beats the experience of watching the untamed Crazy Bull in action.


Zombie was unveiled in 2013 with the fans choosing the name and design of the truck through voting. The truck boasts of 540-ci engine and 1,500 horsepower and is all set to bring some outrageous action to the arenas. The horror story is about to unfold as the Zombie prepares to wipe out all the obstacles from its way. Get ready for the Zombie apocalypse.

Soldier Fortune Black Ops

Inspired by the elite special forces of the US Black Ops, Soldier’s design was introduced in 2016. It is the second military-themed truck in the Monster Jam series. The first Soldier Fortune TM made its debut in 2015 and the person behind the wheels was Monster Jam veteran Chad Fortune. The driver for the new machine is US Army combat veteran Tony Ochs. The black color of the machine represents the special operations by the military men. Beware because the black beast is ready to unleash and give you thrilling action that you will not forget.

Fans can expect greater havoc than ever before when these fan favorite massive trucks are put to test to tackle some of the most extreme obstacles. Brace yourself because action has just begun and it will continue till May.

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