Top 10 Tricks to Get Cheap Concert Tickets

February 18, 2020

Concerts by your favorite acts are approaching and you are tight on budget? This is a dilemma we all face. Neither do you want to miss it nor do you want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on it. So how can you save money and join in the music party. You need to be resourceful, have patience and look at the right places. Here are 10 tips to get cheap concert tickets that can help to make your day.

  1. Opt for back seats

Everyone knows front seats are costly and back seats are cheapest. You can pick these seats and still be part of the concert. Of course you may not get the best view but you can still enjoy good music and the party mood.  Rock to your favorite beats as your favorite artist belts them out for you live at the concert. Better to be at the back, than miss it.

  1. Buy directly from the venue

Large venues and stadiums have box offices and if you purchase tickets directly from them, you can save the service charges paid when buying online.

  1. Get a better price from a reseller

Look out for resale of tickets but make sure to get guarantee to secure yourself from fraud. Resale tickets must be obtained from verified secondary sellers, search engines or ticket resale brokers and sites dealing with ticket buying/selling. Remember that from wherever you make the purchase, always get an assurance. Do not get tickets from ads or randomly from someone on the road. If you do that, you are inviting trouble.

In case of reservations about the purchase or authenticity of the ticket, do not proceed with it. Verify the broker by going on and check for the broker’s National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) membership. If the broker is a member then you need not worry because they give 200% money-back guarantee for tickets that are not delivered meeting the specifications.

  1. Take the risk to wait till the last minute

Ticket prices always fluctuate when the event date approaches. They can either go up due to high demand or plunge if all seats have not been booked. Weather conditions or particular circumstances as in if the event is not selling, can cause the ticket prices to drop dramatically. If you can wait you can get the most expensive tickets for a few bucks when the concert is about to start because sellers get desperate to sell the tickets they were holding back. When the concert date gets closer, check websites to see if you can get lucky and sellers are ready to sell tickets at a cheaper price.

  1. Get Alerts

Sign up for digital newsletters, subscriptions or join a fan club to remain informed regarding pre-sales and special promotions for your favorite artist’s concerts. You will get timely alerts and early-access codes before the sales open for general public and can avail the special offers.

  1. Change Location

Ticket prices vary for different venues and cities. The same artist’s concert will come at a different price at a famed venue and the ticket for a performance at an intimate gathering will cost different. You can compare the prices and go for the one with the lowest price or that is closest to save yourself some precious money.

  1. Check for discounts on the card you have

Some sites offer exclusive VIP offers or pre-sale opportunities to specific credit card cardholders, so if you have a card always check for these.

  1. Try to get the single seat

Single seats come at cheaper prices. When going to concerts, people plan in groups as no one wants to be alone. People usually buy tickets for friends/family but there is always a ditcher or one who cannot make it, then the only option is to try to sell that ticket for a reduced price. Keep looking for random single seats and you will be pleasantly surprised.

  1. Attend shows at the fair

Fair tickets cost less as compared to tickets for a concert. At times, if you have a paid entry to the fair you can also attend the concerts happening there for free.

  1. Earn cash back

There are some cash-back sites too. It works this way that you earn money if you buy tickets from particular websites. This offer can be a return of 5% or 10% but the catch is that you get at least some money back. To benefit from such offers you have to become member of these sites.

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