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March 27, 2017

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, otherwise known as El Clasico, is undoubtedly the biggest game in club soccer. For most fans, the game even surpasses international games like the World Cup matchups or other international games. The rivalry between the two Spanish sides is intense and fierce and translates both on and off the pitch. In this day and age, Real Madrid and Barcelona are recognized as two of the most powerful clubs in the world, which is why when they face off, it transcends all other sporting rivalries. The Clasico is now coming to the US and will be played at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami in July 2017. Even though this game is a preseason “friendly”, fans of the sport know that when it comes to Barcelona and Real Madrid, there is no such thing as a friendly.

Where the rivalry stems from

Madrid and Barcelona are Spain’s two largest cities. The two cities are usually the center pieces of opposing political sentiments in Spain, with Madrid representing Spanish nationalism and Barcelona representing Catalan nationalism.  There are overarching negative sentiments that each side has for the other and the rivalry between the two sides blurs the lines between politics and sports. It is not uncommon to see Catalonia flags and anti-nationalistic songs sung at Barcelona, whenever Real Madrid visits.

The other aspect of this rivalry stems from the fact that Barcelona and Spain have traditionally been the two most successful teams in Spain. They are the league’s richest clubs and attract the best players in the world. Their prestige stems from the fact that they have the highest number of domestic titles in Spain and are strong forces in Europe as well. Despite the fact that La Liga has twenty teams, both Real and Barca know that they have to beat each other to secure the league at the end of the season.

Historically, Real Madrid have been the more successful club. Los Blancos dominated the league during the 1950s and 1960s, winning multiple back to back titles. During this period they were the strongest team in the world with players like Alfredo De Stefano at their disposal. As a result they won the first five European Cups as well.

Barcelona had to take a back seat to Real’s dominance during that era. However, the club has enjoyed a pretty successful era in recent years and since the mid 2000s has been the dominant team in Spain. In fact, since 2004, Barcelona has won all but three league titles in Spain.

Real Madrid – Squad Strengths

Since Florentino Perez became President of Real Madrid, they have always gone for the best players in the world. This strategy, which is called the Galacticos strategy, ensures that Real always have one of the strongest squads in the world.

The current Real squad is no different. In Cristiano Ronaldo, they have one of the best players in history in their side; incidentally Ronaldo is the current Ballon D’Or holder, an honor he has now won four times. Alongside Ronaldo, they have the talents of French international Karim Benzema and Welsh player of the year Garth Bale. The front three of Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo has been nicknamed as the BBC, which is one of the most lethal striking units in world soccer.

The midfield of Real Madrid boasts the talents of World Cup winner Toni Kroos, who along with Croatian magician Luca Modric, dictates the team’s play. The two midfielders are technically accomplished, with excellent vision and passing range, which allows them to provide excellent service to the front three.

At the heart of the team’s defense is the duo of Sergio Ramos and Pepe. Ramos is the club’s captain and one of the most highly rated center backs in the world. Ramos has won almost every title imaginable with Real and Spain and has a knack for scoring valuable goals when his team needs them. His partner in crime is Portuguese defender, Pepe. Once considered too undisciplined for the highest lever, Pepe has proven his critics wrong and is now one of the most dependable defenders in the world.

Real Madrid is currently coached by one of the most talented players to ever put on soccer boots. An icon of the game and a club legend, Zinedine Zidane led the club to their eleventh European title last season and is looking to guide them to the league title this season. The current Real Madrid squad is choke full of amazing talent and it will be very difficult for any team to find a way pass them.

FC Barcelona – Squad Strengths

FC Barcelona are considered by many to be the strongest soccer team in the world. If you cast a look over their squad and all that the team has achieved in recent seasons, it’s not hard to see why.

The team’s star player is Lionel Messi, considered by many to be the greatest soccer player in history. Messi’s natural talent sets him apart from his contemporaries and makes people rethink of using the word “impossible” when it comes to soccer. Messi is accompanied in Barca’s attack by Luis Suarez and Neymar Jr. If a list of the top five players in the world was to be compiled, it would surely include these three in the top five. That is how good they are. The attacking trident of Barcelona, also called MSN (Messi, Neymar, Suarez) is feared by defenses all over the world and they will surely give the Madrid defense a really tough time on the field.

Barcelona’s midfield general is Andres Iniesta. Considered by many people to be the greatest midfielder of his generation, Iniesta has won almost all club and national trophies available to him. The talented Spaniard continues to mesmerize opposition players the world over and will certainly be handful for the Real midfielders. Accompanying Iniesta in midfield is the wall at the heart of Barcelona: Sergio Busquets. Busquets is the team’s defensive midfielder, whose job entails shielding the defense, breaking up opposition play and playing the ball out for an attack. Needless to say, there aren’t many better than him at this job.

The team’s standout defender is Spanish international, Gerard Pique. Another player who has been integral to Barcelona’s dominance, Pique combines speed, power and tactical awareness in his game and is one of the best defenders in the world.

El Clasico is the only game in world soccer which allows you to see so many talented players on one field. The rivalry is so intense that each and every player is expected to give more than a hundred percent for the cause; if they do not, then thousands of passionate fans will let them know exactly what they think of them. Clasicos can make or break careers.

To be a part of this historic game, which happens to be the first ever Clasico in recent years to be hosted outside of Spain, get Barcelona vs. Real Madrid El Clásico Miami tickets today.

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