Things to avoid doing at a standing concert

October 24, 2016

Things To Avoid At A Standing Concert

Things To Avoid At A Standing Concert


When you think about a concert, the things that instantly come to mind are music, food and fun. Obviously it isn’t a formal gathering where you need to be conscious or worried about little things. But you can definitely make it an experience of a lifetime by making yourself more comfortable, especially if it’s a standing concert.

Of course, there are certain situations that can’t be avoided; such as finding the perfect spot amidst all the crowd and being bumped into again and again. But here are some tips and suggestions that can help make your concert experience a lot more fun and memorable. Think about them; they will surely make sense:

  • Holding Big Posters
    Holding Big Posters

There is nothing wrong with making posters declaring your love and loyalty for your favorite artist. But while doing so what many often forget to remember is that there is a sea of people around you who love the performer as much as you do, if not more. So have some consideration and try not to block their views by holding your poster up for way too long. Treat those who share your love for music with respect.

  • Carrying Large Bags
    Carrying Large Bags

With so many diehard crazy fans around, you’re likely to get hit into and or pushed around. And having a large bag to carry in such a setting would be a wrong choice. Even clutches are a wrong choice – if you’re carrying one then how will you clap along with the other fans? So try to bring as less items along as possible when you are out to attend a standing concert. This way you neither have to worry about them getting stolen or lost nor would you end up making fellow attendees uncomfortable. Best choice, a small shoulder purse.

  • Don’t Forget To Bring Money
    Don’t Forget To Bring Money

Things at a concert are rather expensive and when you see attractive accessories, t-shirts and posters, the last thing you want to be is out of cash. Often it has happened that the security warns you of carrying water bottles and you definitely need water after all the screaming and cheering. Things like beverages and snacks are quite expensive inside the arenas, so you need to have plenty of cash in hand.

  • Expecting Personal Space
    Expecting Personal Space

People attend concerts to have a good, carefree time. There will be plenty of singing, jumping around and dancing. More than once you’ll be bumped into, or a loud cheer might be closer to your ear than expected. So let loose a little and try to share the space in a friendly manner. If you get annoyed or angry at not getting enough room to stand or not getting a clear view of the stage, then you’ll deprive yourself of the fun that a standing concert entails.

  • Wearing The Wrong Pair Of Shoes
    Wearing The Wrong Pair Of Shoes

Right pair of shoes at a standing concert equals a great, fun-filled time. Don’t go for a pair of high heels. They look all fancy and attractive but at a standing concert you have a higher risk of taking a fall in them. Apart from that, you’ll have swollen, bruised or aching feet towards the end of the night.

Your flip-flops or open-toed sandals might be comfortable, but with them there is also the risk of being stepped on. A broken toe-nail or bruised foot is not what you want. Try wearing soft pumps or wedges; you can even shake a leg in them.

  • Carrying Expensive Items
    Carrying Expensive Items

It’s best to keep your expensive items at home. Costly jewelry has no place at a concert. If something falls from your pocket or purse, chances of you finding it are pretty slim. And you certainly don’t want to be down on the floor of a filled arena looking for things. Dancing fans can topple over and can step on your hand. The whole point is to relax, not worry. So leave your favorite things at home and come to the show wearing and carrying minimal items.

  • Disrespecting Other Bands Playing
    Disrespecting Other Bands Playing

You might have come to watch your favorite music artist’s performance and while we understand your anxiousness, bear in mind that there might be fans of the supporting acts/opening acts around. Put yourself in their shoes and think how you would feel if someone complained or expressed their dislike for the band you love. Don’t ruin a fan’s concert experience as you don’t want yours to get ruined.

  • Constantly Checking Cell Phones
    Constantly Checking Cell Phones

Try and avoid checking your phone every other second. A little checking in on facebook or updating your status can be done when you are at the back where you have more space. People are interested and excited to see what’s going on the stage and it’s certainly not pleasant to have an uninterested attendee besides you. The energy of the live performance must be felt and translate into the audience that is watching and experiencing it. But if you are constantly hooked to your cell phones then you won’t be able to feel the thrill of a live show. In fact your uninterested energy would come across as an annoyance to many. So please if you are not a fan of the artist, move to the back and do all that cell phone correspondence that can’t wait.

  • Yelling Out Personal Requests

In most cases, the music artists have already chosen a set-list to perform for the evening. So don’t waste your time and energy screaming for that unfamiliar first single from the artist’s first album as chances of that being played are rather slim. So it’s better to not exhaust yourself or be disappointed if your request is not entertained. Instead you should come prepared to listen what’s presented, have a drink, dance around and enjoy the ambience of a concert night.

If you have your own ideas to making a standing concert experience more favorable, then sound off with comments. Let us know if you agree and share your experiences with us.


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