The LCS Championship is going to Chicago

June 21, 2022

The Windy City has been picked as the host of the LCS Championship. The famous United Center, home of the legendary Chicago Bulls, will provide the stage for the series to be held on September 10 and September 11. The last time the city hosted an LCS postseason series was in 2016 when the Chicago Theater provided the stage for the quarterfinals.

The finals of the LCS will take place at the conclusion of the LCS Summer postseason which will see eight teams take on each other and will span over four weeks. The Grand Finals will be held on September 11, 2022.

This will be the league’s fifth season and fans are excited to be part of the action. If you want to be part of the action live, then this is your chance to book LCS Championship tickets and watch pulsating encounters live.

2022 LCS Summer Split Schedule

Week three (July 2 to 3) Week six (July 30 to 31)
TSM vs. EG FlyQuest vs. C9
FlyQuest vs. DIG Dignitas vs. 100T
100T vs. Liquid TSM vs. Liquid
Golden Guardians vs. Immortals Golden Guardians vs. CLG
CLG vs. C9 EG vs. Immortals
Dignitas vs. TSM TSM vs. Golden Guardians
EG vs. Golden Guardians EG vs. FlyQuest
C9 vs. FlyQuest Liquid vs. C9
Liquid vs. CLG Immortals vs. 100T
Immortals vs. 100T Dignitas vs. CLG
Week four (July 16 to 17) Week seven (August 6 to 7)
100T vs. FlyQuest Golden Guardians vs. 100T
Dignitas vs. EG EG vs. TSM
TSM vs. C9 Liquid vs. FlyQuest
Immortals vs. CLG Immortals vs. Dignitas
Liquid vs. Golden Guardians CLG vs. C9
FlyQuest vs. TSM TSM vs. Dignitas
CLG vs. 100T C9 vs. 100T
EG vs. Liquid EG vs. Liquid
C9 vs. Immortals Immortals vs. Golden Guardians
Golden Guardians vs. Dignitas FlyQuest vs. CLG
Week five (July 23 to 24) Week eight – Super Week (August 12 to 14)
Dignitas vs. C9 Liquid vs. Dignitas
Liquid vs. Immortals EG vs. Golden Guardians
TSM vs. 100T FlyQuest vs. 100T
EG vs. CLG TSM vs. CLG
Golden Guardians vs. FlyQuest Immortals vs. C9
Liquid vs. CLG Liquid vs. Golden Guardians
Golden Guardians vs. C9 CLG vs. 100T
EG vs. 100T TSM vs. C9
TSM vs. Immortals Immortals vs. FlyQuest
FlyQuest vs. Dignitas EG vs. Dignitas
Immortals vs. CLG
EG vs. C9
Liquid vs. 100T
Golden Guardians vs. Dignitas
TSM vs. FlyQuest

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