The Black Keys’s Concert & Tour History

March 12, 2019

We all need some kind of entertainment every day. In order to increase efficiency in work or study, a relaxing break is necessary. According to researchers, music is one of the best tools to relax your mind and acts as a remedy to decrease tension and stress. Today’s dynamic world is full of stress and pressures and everyone suffers from some kind of stress at some point or the other. In order to keep one moving in a healthy manner, you need something which could relax your mind. Music has been in picture since centuries. The trend has seen a rapid increase during the last century, especially last five decades. With the inception of walkman a few decades back, then MP3’s and then iPods, listening to music has become quite easy. Similarly, people have adopted these technological equipments within no time thus giving a boost to the music industry as well as the trend to listen to music.

With such increasing trend, many artists and music bands have come up. Different artists specialize in different genres and make their name in that category. The unlimited music fans throughout the world give a motivation for the new artists to enter the music industry. The Black Keys is also one such music band which emerged in the year 2001 as Blues-rock American band which originated in Akron, Ohio, America. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, aged 31 and 30 respectively, are the two members of the band named as The Black Keys. Auerbach is the guitarist and Patrick is the drummer as well as the producer. They both are working as good partners and coming up with creative outcome. During the nine years since the band’s inception, they have released three Albums.

The debut album “The Big Come Up” was released by the band in the beginning of the year 2002. It was unexpectedly successful. The Beatles’ classic “She Said She Said” was covered in this album. The next years 2003 and 2004 marked as a success with the release of thickfreakness and Rubber Factory. It gave them massive recognition. In year 2005, they released the first live video album which was recorded at The Metro Theatre in Sydney. Year 2006 witnessed two successful releases “Chulahoma” and “Magic Potion”.”Attack & Release” was released during 2008 and ranked at number 14 in the billboard 200. The latest release “Brothers”, released in May this year, is doing great work. It sold more than seventy three thousand copies in the first week and has a #3 ranking on the Billboard Albums Chart. Two cut tracks from this album have also been released. “Ohio” is dedicated to pay homage to the band’s home city. The other one “Chop and Change” has been seen as the soundtrack of the “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”.

 The best song releases by The Black Keys include “Thickfreaknes”, Your Touch”, “I Got Mine”, Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down” And “Howlin’ For You”. The band has been ranked among the top five in the Rolling Stones’ list of the best performing rock bands. The band is usually compared with The White Stripes due to the similar nature of work. Blekroc is a piece of collaboration work, which was released in the year 2009. With many released one after the other, it has made a name in the rock music industry.

The two companions in the journey of their career seem to have entirely different personalities by looking at their physical appearances but are working in collaboration very creatively to come up with amazing output. If you love to listen to rock music, then The Black Keys wouldn’t be a bad choice! In order to get yourself blown away with the rocking performance of the nine year old band, just don’t waste time and get the tickets to be a participant in their next live performance. Get The Black Keys Tickets now at the best rates and have a rocking evening!

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