Stevie Wonder’sConcert & Tour History

March 17, 2019

Have an amazing concert experience this season as one of the leading musicians of the world is set for a series of exciting performances. Stevie Wonder is not only a talented American singer but he also a gifted songwriter. He is a prominent artist who has mastery over several instruments such as keyboards, harmonica, bass guitar, drums, bongos and congas. His talent is recognized worldwide and he continues to captivate the audience with every new performance of his. Now you too can attend his upcoming shows live. Get the Stevie Wonder tickets to attend this much awaited event.

Born in 1950 in Michigan, Stevie Wonder was the third child of his parents. His real name is Stevland Hardaway Judkins but he is known by several nicknames such as Little Stevie Wonder, Eivets Rednow and Stevland Hardaway Morris. When Stevie turned four years of age, his mother shifted to Detroit and his family name was changed to Morris. Since then, Morris is Stevie’s legal surname.

At the age of thirteen, Stevie’s Fingertips – a single from the album Recorded Live: The 13 Year Old Genius – went on to become a super hit. This success opened new avenues for the talented musician. He took a shot at acting and in 1964, he appeared in his first movie Muscle Beach Party. After this film, Stevie experienced unprecedented success when his few other movies including With a Child’s Heart, Uptight (Everything’s Alright) and Blowin’ in the Wind brought him attention.

It was during the years 1972-76, when Stevie Wonder recorded two albums independently. They became considerably successful and due to that, he went on to sign a contract with Motown Records. At the same time, he started working as a songwriter in the Motown songwriting department. In the late 60s, he recorded an instrumental jazz album but it failed to create much of an impact. However, he did not stop working despite facing this setback in his career.

Stevie Wonder started working on his second album which was titled Where I’m Coming From after marrying Syreeta Wright. However, this album too failed to reach the US chart. After this failure, Wonder did not renew his contract with Motown. During the year 1980, his releases went on to become huge hits. He reached new heights of fame and popularity due to his increased charity pursuits, record album sales and television appearances. In 2002, Wonder performed at the opening ceremony of 2002 Winter Paralympics. 

You are the Sunshine of my life, Superstition, Sir Duke and I Just called to say I love You are some of the notable singles released by the singer while Innervisions, Songs in the key of life and Talking Book are some of the super hit albums released by him. During his career which spans over more than forty years, Wonder has released more than forty singles and no less than twenty seven albums. 

Stevie Wonder has won an astounding 32 Grammy Awards, which is the highest number of Grammys to be awarded to any solo singer. He was honored with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996.In addition to that, Wonder was the second recipient of the Gershwin Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2009 and it was presented to him by the US President Barack Obama. He also won the Academy Award for Best Song and was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Halls of Fame.

Wonder’s marriage with Syreeta Wright ended in 1972. Later, he married a fashion designer Kai Millard Morris in 2001. It is believed that Wonder and his wife separated in 2009 and in August 2012, he filed divorce against Kai. Wonder has seven children from his second wife.

The songs of Stevie Wonder are difficult to sing because he utilizes extensions of strings and chords during composition. His songs like Higher Ground, I Wish and Superstition are played in keys that are found in the jazz genre only. Wonder is also known for his political causes. He led the campaign during 1980-1981 to declare the birthday of Martin Luther Junior an official holiday across the US. Stevie was named the UN Messenger of Peace in 2009.

Wonder has been a musician for decades and it seems that he won’t stop playing music any time soon. So, get the Stevie Wonder tickets well in time. 

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