Rufus Du Sol’s Concert & Tour History

March 12, 2019

The demand for Rufus Du Sol tickets has been soaring ever since the sensational Australian trio announced dates for its latest tour. It still feels like a dream to the three band members because it wasn’t so long ago that they were opening for Claptone. Now they are headlining their own massive tours and that just goes to show that they are big stars in their own right. Rufus Du Sol are different, you can tell that by their sound. This is a band that goes to a new place every time to record an album simply because the band members want to focus on their work, without any distractions. It has worked too. The Rufus Du Sol tour will kick-off in the fall and you can be a part of it live.

Over the past two to three years, there hasn’t been any electronic indie music act that has made an impact quite like Rufus Du Sol. The success they are enjoying right now has come their way after a lot of hard work and they are relishing every moment of it.

The Band Members

Rufus Du Sol consists of James Hunt, Jon George and Tyrone Lindqvist. All three come from different backgrounds but music is what united them and it has been a wonderful exhibition of upbeat EDM.

Tyrone Lindqvist

Tyrone Lindqvist’ parents were both opal miners who used to live in a small town named Lightning Ridge. The place was at a ten-hour drive from Sydney and he did not have the distractions like technology. All Lindqvist had was a piano that he used to tinker on. Since he lived in a small town, there weren’t any opportunities for him to grow and so his parents sent him to Sydney.

That is where he formed a band with two other friends. Lindqvist’s best friend had an older brother who was studying in an audio engineering school and somehow Lindqvist and that guy hit it off right away. They became very close because they were into the same kind of music. That guy’ name was Jon George and he asked Lindqvist to pay him a visit in college. The seeds were being planted for Rufus Du Sol’s creation.

Jon George

Jon George is the band’s keyboardist and he grew up in a town called Cronulla. When he was in primary school, he joined his school’s band and later got interested in dance music. He fell in love with that kind of music and began to think along the lines of becoming a DJ himself. That fascination and drive took him to the School of Audio Engineering and then two years later, he met Lindqvist. They began to listen to music by stars like Royksopp and Booka Shade. The two even wrote the group’s first ever EP in the year 2010. But to take the band into a live atmosphere, they needed a drummer. Enter Mr. James Hunt.

James Hunt

James Hunt grew up in the suburbs of Sydney. His parents always encouraged their children to be creative and Hunt began to express himself via illustrations as well as cartoons. His school had a mandatory music program and he got picked for the percussion program when he was just thirteen. From there he got enrolled in different school programs that centered on music. He met Lindqvist via a few mutual friends and the two connected almost instantly.

Rufus Du Sol Join the Party

Rufus Du Sol came out with their first ever extended play, “RUFUS EP” on January 1, 2011. The tracks Paris Collides and We Left climbed to number eight and thirteen respectively on the Hype Machine charts at the same time.

The band then released its debut studio album titled “Atlas” on August 9, 2013 and it exceeded their wildest expectations to go to number one in Australia. The album also resonated with the critics and received huge acclaim.

Their next album was titled “Bloom” and it hit the music stores in January of 2016. The album once again went to the top of the charts in Australia. Its track You Were Right was released six months earlier in June of 2015 and it went two times platinum in the country. The record itself went platinum in Australia and received three and a half stars out of five from Rolling Stone Australia.

Rufus Du Sol did not release music for almost two years after that but recently announced their next album which will be titled “SOLACE.” They also released a track from the record titled No Place on May 25, 2018. To promote the record, they will now be going on a tour of North America and they have named the trek after their forthcoming studio album.

The SOLACE Fall Tour will kick off proceedings in fall of 2018 and will see them perform shows in cities like Charlotte, Los Angeles, Houston, San Diego and San Francisco among others. If you want to join the ride, then go through the Rufus Du Sol tour dates and enjoy a Rufus concert live by booking your Rufus Du Sol tickets now.

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