Ranking the 5 Best Players in the NHL Today

October 13, 2015

As the regular NHL season is almost half way through, we can now get a semblance of which teams look most likely to make it to the playoffs. Along with that we can now judge and comment on some of the standout players in the league. A lot of players have made their mark during the course of what has been another brilliant hockey season. We did our homework and have now come up with a list of the 5 best players in the NHL today. Our criteria ranged over factors like the player’s influence on the team, his skill set and how good he was at doing the job assigned to him.

So without further ado, here is our list of the 5 best players in the NHL today.

1.       Sidney Crosby

There are very few people who can argue against Crosby’s number one spot on the list. Under his leadership, the Penguins have been at there rampaging best and now top the Metropolitan Division. Crosby will go down in history as one of the greats, since his skill level and an eye for goal are exemplary.

Only twenty seven, he has already won almost everything that the sport has to offer. He is now fourth on the list of points per game at 1.398, making him one of the most dominant players currently active. All that remains to be seen is what heights he can achieve by the time he ends his career.

2.       Steven Stamkos

Based on his record, it can easily be said that Steven Stamkos is currently the most lethal goalscorer in the sport. Take a look at these stats for a second: He poached 51, 45 and 60 goals in three seasons (2010-2013). Last year, despite missing half of the campaign with an injury, he still managed 25 goals in the 37 games he played. Simply remarkable.

The guy is only 24 years old and the fact he will obviously get better is a scary prospect for whoever comes up against him.

3.       Alex Ovechkin

One of the finest overseas players in the history of the NHL, the burly Russian is every Coach’s ideal winger. An offensive juggernaut, Alex Ovechkin is sometimes faulted for not putting in as much effort in his own half, but he more than makes up for it in the opposition’s area.

The first player to win the Lester B. Pearson Award, the Art Ross Trophy, the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Maurice Richard Trophy, he is one of the most talented players in the league right now.

4.       Anze Kopitar

Anze Kopitar is perhaps the most complete two-way center in the game. The 6’3” Slovenian is a mammoth presence in defense and is equally effective in the offensive department. Due to his physical presence, he is invaluable in the corners and behind the net in defensive situations. Along with that Kopitar is also one of the most creative playmakers in the game. Kopi is in line to add another Stanley Cup ring to his collection, after helping the Kings win two titles in three years.

5.       Jonathan Toews

The youngest member of the Triple Gold club, the 26 year old is already considered one of the greats. That just shows the impact and influence Toews has on the Blackhawks. His leadership skills, passion and talent have helped him stand out from his peers, but what truly makes him a great is his consistency.

The Blackhawks have much to thank him for, especially the important goals he gets in crunch situations. The center has 330 points in 484 games and he still has a long way to go before he is finished. Good luck to every opposition team that lines up against him.


So there you have it, our list of the 5 best players currently in the NHL. A lot of people might have a different opinion, so tell us about your top five picks and let’s see where we go with that.

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  • RichardHeivy says:

    He may not have maximized his talent due to persistent knee problems, but he was certainly one of the best players in his draft class.

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