Parkway Drive’s Concert & Tour History

March 13, 2019

The Australian metal core quintet Parkway Drive is rapidly becoming an international musical force courtesy of their catchy riffs, outstanding vocals and extensive fan following. The band has earned the reputation as one of the most significant acts of the modern metal age. They have released five studio albums, the four latest of which ranked among the top ten on the Australian ARIA charts. Over the years, they have earned recognition and praise from some leading publications. Their latest album Ire is making waves on the rock music circuit which will likely drive up the demand for Parkway Drive tickets as the band continues their headlining tour.

What You Should Know About the Aussie Metal Core Prodigies Parkway Drive

Making great strides in the industry is the metal core act Parkway Drive that has been around on the music scene since 2003. Hailing from Byron Bay, New South Wales, the group is rapidly garnering a heavy international following and seems set on the path to stardom. Read on to learn more about the talented Australian quintet.

Early Career Highlights

Formed in the beginning of 2003, the band took their name from the street where they used to practice in a home called ‘The Parkway House.’ The same year they released a split EP with Adelaide-based group, I Killed the Prom Queen. After modestly successful national tours and a debut EP titled Don’t Close your Eyes, the band headed to the US to work with Killswitch Engine’s famous guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, who produced their debut studio project, Killing With a Smile. The album released in May 2005 earned plenty of critical acclaim and the band slowly began to emerge as a force to reckon with in their genre.

On the Road to Stardom

With sophomore album Horizons the group made it big on the music charts for the first time. Released in 2007, this album was their first to chart on the Billboard ranking among the top thirty on the “Top Heatseekers” chart. Now the group was effectively on the path to stardom. Nonstop touring was followed by another album release in the form of Deep Blue which further catapulted the band to fame. The album cracked the top forty in America and debuted at number two in Australia. It eventually went gold in Australia and won an ARIA Award.

The group further cemented their place among the leading acts in the genre with the release of fourth and fifth studio albums, Atlas and Ire, respectively. The success of these albums on the Billboard charts and the positive reviews they earned in various leading publications, including Associated Press and Billboard, increased the group’s exposure to a wider American audience. Ire recently topped the “Hard Rock Albums” chart.

Ongoing Tour

Supporting their latest studio project the quintet has hit the road bringing their music to several notable venues across America. On November 14 they had a sold-out show at the Big Apple’s famous Irving Plaza. Featuring opening acts Miss May I and Thy Art is Murder, the rockers pulled out all the stops at this show making it a night to remember. The concert featured some older favorites like “Home is For the Heartless” and “Wild Eyes” as well as newer tracks like “Crushed.” Parkway Drive are clearly emerging as one of the most entertaining and popular acts on the live metal core circuit so Parkway Drive tickets for their ongoing tour will likely continue to generate heavy sales.

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