Where to Park – Your Complete Transportation Guide to Super Bowl LI

January 16, 2017

Transportation Guide To Super Bowl LI


This February the city of Houston will be working round the clock to make sure fans have an enjoyable experience at Super Bowl LI.

Where to Park – Your Complete Transportation Guide is for both visiting fans and local residents who will be making their way to downtown Houston for Super Bowl events and activities.

Here is what you need to know.

Downtown Event Parking Information

Parking Availability – For football fans the city of Houston has set aside more than 62,000 spots for Super Bowl related events. Fans are encouraged to park on the west side of Downtown. This is so that they can ride the Special Event Circulators to the entrance of Super Bowl LIVE in and around Discovery Green.

You are recommended to plan ahead as certain spaces may not be utilized in their normal capacity. You will have access to more than 12,000 designated parking spots, if you’re coming to Downtown during business hours between Monday to Friday.

Source: http://www.housuperbowl.com/transportation

Use the Pre Paid Parking App – Pre-purchase your parking spot at a guaranteed price for any event in Downtown Houston. You can do this via the Host Committee website and the Fan Mobile Pass app.  Print or scan the pass through the app to get directions to the space.

Meters – The city of Houston has made parking in downtown easy and convenient. More than a thousand street parking spaces are available in 3 hr increments. You can pay in three ways at the pay station.

Parking Zones
Source: http://www.housuperbowl.com/transportation

Travel Tips

Time Management – The city of Houston is expecting to host a hundred thousand guests per day at all Super Bowl events. Allow yourself some extra time when travelling downtown due to road closures and detours.

Connected Communities – To access downtown area, the city of Houston recommends fans to use public transport. In collaboration with METRO, the city has provided extended event schedules, increased frequency and extra shuttles and circulators.

Guaranteed Parking that is Convenient and Reliable – Even though during peak event hours there are over 62,000 parking spots available, it is recommended that you book your spot beforehand. Reserve your parking spot in and around downtown area by using the Fan Mobile Pass App or scroll up to the Downtown Event Parking Information section.

Taxis & Uber – Save yourself the hassle by leaving your car at home and using Uber and taxis. This is an easy and affordable way to and from your Super Bowl event. You can use the Houston Super Bowl Committee app to request a ride or visit the Welcome Center loading locations. It is important to note that special event rates, surcharges and regulations will apply here.

Bike Houston – How about bike valets to park your bike while you enjoy Super Bowl LIVE. Bike Houston will provide valets who will be available during the operating hours of Super Bowl LIVE. They will be located between Clay and Dallas Streets on Caroline Street.

Game Day – To get to NRG Park on game day, ticket holders will have a number of options. METRO will provide modified schedules. Taxis and Ubers will have designated drop off areas. To enjoy the Game Day Fun Plaza, fans are advised to come a little early. To attend all NRG events, tickets will be required.

Want More Information?

For live notifications and information download the housuperbowl app. Register and get live information on parking availability and traffic updates.

Useful Links

Here are some useful links

Road Closures – Know Which Road to Take Before You Leave Partial road closures will start from January 19

Following Full road closures will take effect from January 26 till Feb 6

  • Dallas Street (Between Austin and LaBranch)
  • LaBranch Street (Between Walker and Bell)
  • Polk Street (Between Austin and LaBranch)

Surrounding Discovery Green

  • McKinney Street
  • Lamar Street
  • Avenida De Las Americas
Road Closures Map
Source: http://www.housuperbowl.com/transportation

Recommended Routes – Beat the Traffic

If you want to get to Super Bowl LIVE and Avenida Houston, park on the West side of downtown Houston and shuttle or walk to your destination. If you’re on the East side of town, street closures may affect your commute. Preferred routes to downtown from every direction are available. During special events in downtown, please note that certain streets, parking areas and exits may be inaccessible.

  • If you’re coming from the WestI – 10 West San Jacinto Street
  • If you’re coming from the East1 – 10 East to Smith Street
  • If you’re coming from the SouthI – 69 North to West Gray Street
  • If you’re coming from the NorthI – 69 South to Jackson
Recommended Routes Map
Source: http://www.housuperbowl.com/transportation

I – 69 to Spur 527 and Louisiana Street

Public Transportation – METRO & YouLooking for convenience and cost effectiveness, METRO will run additional buses and trains at extended schedules this Super Bowl.

Extended Schedule for Trains

January 28, Saturday : 4:00 am* – 12:00 am

January 29, Sunday : 4:00 am* – 11:00 am

January 30, Monday : 4:00 am* – 12:00 am

January 31, Tuesday : 4:00 am* – 12:00 am

February 1, Wednesday : 4:00 am* – 12:00 am

February 2, Thursday : 4:00 am* – 12:00 am

February 3, Friday : 4:00 am* – 1:00 am

February 4, Saturday : 4:00 am* – 1:00 am

February 5, Sunday : 4:00 am* – 12:00 am

*The timing of the first train will depend on each rail line  

Public Transportation Map
Source: http://www.housuperbowl.com/transportation

Fares at METRO

METRORail$1.25(one way)
METROBus$1.25(one way)
All Day Fare Rail/Bus$3.00

You can also use your smart phone to purchase full fare METRO Bus light rail tickets

Special Event Circulators – Go to Downtown, Midtown & Uptown Galleria

Downtown – Greenlink’s three routes Green Route, Orange Route and Silver Route – are free circulators in downtown Houston that will take you from the parking lots on the west side downtown and drop you off at the Super Bowl LIVE entrance in and around Discovery Green. The city of Houston advises that shuttles are the best way to get to and from your restaurant, show or parking spot.

Going Uptown?

Special METRO connectors will operate from the Galleria to downtown costing $2 each way


How About Some Dinner & Drinks in Midtown?

The Midtown circulator connects METRORail’s Red Line with the popular spots in Midtown Park, however it does not connect with specific parking lots. The best part about this circular operated by THE WAVE is that it’s free. So hop on and explore all the happening spots in Midtown Park.


  • Green Route: January 28 to February 5
  • Orange Route: January 28 to February 5
  • Silver Route: January 28 to February 5
  • Midtown Connector: January 28 to February 5
  • Galleria Connector: February 1 to February 5 

Alternative Ways to Get Around – Share your Ride or Ride your Bike in downtown Houston

Circulator MapMidtown Shuttle MapGalleria Shuttle Map
Source: http://www.housuperbowl.com/transportation

Uber – Looking for an easy and affordable way to get around Houston. Uber offers just that. The Uber mobile app connects you with your ride and keeps a track of your vehicle from your pick up point to your destination. The city of Houston in collaboration with Uber has assigned designated pick up and drop zones. These zones, for the fans convenience, are around Super Bowl LIVE. This will keep the wait time and surge charging at a minimal. It is located at the Super Bowl LIVE Welcome Center on Rusk Street between Crawford Street and Avenida da las Americas.

TaxiCabs – There are a number of locations from where you can get picked up and dropped off if you wish to use a Taxicab. If you’re attending multiple events in downtown then you must try Six in the City – Go anywhere in downtown Houston on any taxi cab for $6. Taxi stands are easy to find around downtown Houston. If you can’t find them, use the city of Houston’s new rideshare app ARRO.

Houston B-Cycle – Burn some calories with the Houston B-Cycle. Get around town and see all the Super Bowl Events on the B-Cycle. Available throughout the Greater Houston Area, this bikeshare program gives commuters, residents and visitors a healthy and environmentally friendly choice during Super Bowl LI week.

Bike Valet by BikeHouston – Want to ride your own bike to Super Bowl LI events? Through the Bayou or one of many trails leading to Super Bowl LIVE, you can park at one of the BikeValet brought to you by BikeHouston. The BikeValet can be found at Super Bowl LIVE on Caroline Street between Clay and Dallas Streets. It will be open during Super Bowl LIVE operating hours.

Visit www.bikehouston .com for more information.

PediCabs – Let the local pedicabs take you to your events. You can find these certified pedicabs on the north side of Discovery Green. Pedicabs will take you anywhere within the Central Business District area.

Super Bowl Sunday – Make the perfect play on Game Day

Here is a rundown of what you need to know about Super Bowl LI

Date – Sunday, February 5, 2017

Time – Kickoff at 5:37 CST

Game Day Fan Plaza – 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm CST

Gates Open – 1:00 pm CST

Parking Lots Open – 11:00 am CST

Parking at NRG Park

Permit Sales for Parking will open at Monday December 12, 2016 at 8 am CST. The prices are as follows

Car/Suv$100per permit
limo/Van$200per permit
Mini Bus$250per permit
Bus/Rv$300per permit
Cash Parking Day of
as Available

Bus/RV – $300 per permit

Cash Parking Day of as available

For more information, visit superbowl.parkmobile.com

Contact via phone at 866.715.7210. For information on purchasing parking passes and handicapped parking e mail at superbowl@parkmobileglobal.com

Kirby Drive
Source: http://www.housuperbowl.com/transportation


Rail – Downtown Houston and the NRG Park is connected by the METRORail Red Line. During game day peak hours, the service operates every 4 minutes. The Central Main Street Station is where you can connect via METROBus or METRORail Purple or Green Lines. Downtown to NRG is approximately 17 minutes away and costs $1.25 each way. You can get more information at www.ridemetro.org or you can purchase your fare in advance through the METRO app.

Connectors – Thinking of staying in the Galleria? Take the special event METROBus to and from NRG Park. This bus will operate at specified times to and from the game at $2 each way and $4 round trip. For information on exact pick up locations and schedules visit ridemetro.org.

ADA – METRO provides 100% accessibility and paratransit through METROLift for guests with disabilities. For more information call 713.225.0119

Uber Lot – Maroon Lot at the NRG Park will be the pickup and drop off point for Ubers

Taxi Stand – You can get taxis at the Brown Lot at the NRG Park. Before kickoff, call for a taxi by using ARRO.

Maps – All the maps you’ll need in one place

Source: http://www.housuperbowl.com/transportation

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