One Direction VS Justin Bieber- Prepare for an epic showdown

September 28, 2015

Directioners and Beliebers mark your calendars for November 13th because the ultimate showdown is soon heading your way! Pop phenoms One Direction and Justin Bieber recently set the press ablaze with announcements of their upcoming LPs. Both boast extensive fandom that will likely compete to ensure that their favorites top the charts in the week of release and it will be interesting to see who wins out..

Hot on the charts

A serious chart war is brewing and one thing is for sure; it’s going to be a close one. Both acts have an impressive history of topping the charts- One Direction with four studio albums atop the Billboard 200 and Bieber with five of his own. Things are heating up already as the pop group recently dropped their top five hit “Drag Me Down” only to be topped by Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?

At a turning point

What makes this battle even more crucial for both acts is the fact that they are at some sort of turning points in their careers. With the much buzzed about departure of Zayn Malik, 1D is still trying to find their feet as a quartet and their upcoming album is rumored to be their last before an extended hiatus. Bieber on the other hand has been making headlines as a reformed bad boy. With One Direction’s LP Made in the A.M. and Justin’s currently untitled album, both look all geared up to put the music world on fire.

Which album are you most excited about? Yeah, we can’t make up our minds either. So we will just keep our eyes open for more news on the subject. Keep checking back for more updates and let’s hope the two acts treat us to another tour soon.



  • Ana julian says:

    I love them both but i think i’ll choose “what do you me” by Justin Bieber 😀 :* 😎 !

    • brenda says:

      Translated: It is, “what do you mean”

  • Natasha Sheikh says:

    What do you mean by Justin bieber

  • Petra says:

    Drag me down by One Direction is better 🙂

  • vijith says:

    I think “what do you mean” by Justin

  • Skyler says:

    One Direction. Is better. They are hotter. And they will will. LETS GO ONE DIRECTION

  • ranz says:

    “What do you mean” is great !!

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