New Order’s Concert & Tour History

March 12, 2019

New Order is an acclaimed English rock band that consists of five members namely: Gillian Gilbert, Bernard Summer, Phil Cunningham, Stephen Morris and Tom Chapman. This absolutely amazing music band has been performing in the most energetic music shows that have been completely sold out. If you are a fan of the band or would like to be a part of a spectacular music evening that will be filled with great music then this is the optimum time for you to avail your New Order tickets and enjoy a memorable time.

The band was created in 1980 by Peter Hook (bassist and vocalist), Summer (keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist) as well as by Morris (drummer, sysnthesisers and keyboardist). These three were the sole members of the band called Joy Division. They created some fantastic music and gained an immense amount of fan following. However in 1993, the band broke up due to some tensions between the members of the band. The band reunited on several occasions but was seen taking long breaks in between. In 2011, they came back together and began performing on a full scale again.

The reason why this bands stands out from various other commercial bands is because they blend in the New Wave sound with electronic dance music that ultimately creates the most rocking modern-day music. In the 1980’s, New Order reached its peak of success as it was critically acclaimed and was the reason behind influencing many other music groups that were created in the 1980s. Even though the early years of the group were greatly shadowed by the popular legacy and also the sound of the band called Joy Division, yet their experiences of the New York Club scene that heightened their familiarity with dance music finally showed in the new material that they created. In 1983, they released a hit single called “Blue Monday”. This was considered to be the best selling 12-inch song. This single is also a terrific example of how they reinvented their music.

All of the records, singles and EPs of the group were recorded on the famous Factory Records. The group comes from Salford in England. The main music genres that they perform in are new wave, post-punk, electronic, synthpop and electronic. They have been actively a part of the industry from 1980 till 1993, then from 1998 till 2007 and now from 2011 till the present day. Apart from Factory Records they have also been recording on the popular London Records and Warner Bros. Records. They have successfully given some mind blowing associated acts with other music groups such as Bad Lieutenant, Electronic, The Other Two, Joy Division, Monaco and Revenge.

When seen performing live on the stage, New Order has always been warmly greeted by their audiences as though they are some returning heroes. They have a way of connecting with people in their performances which is truly a delightful sight to watch. They stir some unforgotten memories for the more mature audience and create new ones for the younger people. Whenever Summer is seen performing live in a show, it seems as though he is thoroughly enjoying himself which in turn makes the audience adore him. He is known for the trademark skips and woo’s that he does on the stage. It is no surprise at all to see the audience sing and dance to the rocking tunes of this band. They usually begin with a few early hit songs of theirs and as the night progresses so does their music. The band runs through their leading tracks like the “Perfect Kiss” that came out in 1985 and many more. Their sound is still as fresh and crisp as it was years ago.

New Order is soon going to be coming to a great venue near you. You can now book your New Order tickets in advance and experience a delightful live music concert that will stay with you forever. 

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