Must attend Top 10 Events in July for Real music lovers

July 7, 2014


The heat is bearing down our necks. We run from the vengeful rays, take solace in fickle shadows. There is nothing we wouldn’t give for the first breeze of fall to sweep our hair as summer finally accepts defeat. And we know. We know just how close we are to that sweet surrender. Because this is it; it’s the last leg of the heat.

But wait! Pause for a second! ‘Tis the month of July; the month with Top-10 hottest events. So sit back, sip on those long island iced teas, catch a game of FIFA, or two, and head on to any one of the following ten for the perfect getaway.


10. Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus


“Come one, come all, to witness a world of magic in the greatest, most fantastic of shows.” Ring a bell? Sounds to us like those childhood memories of a circus. And this July, those memories can be relived! The Greatest Show on Earth, (that’s what it’s called, we kid you not), is coming to town! And we couldn’t be more excited. It’s a real life circus, on a real life circus train, with animals that will blow your mind. This is one hot show, and we’re not missing this for anything.


09. James Taylor


The Grammy winning sensation since the 70’s, this is one act you can even take your moms and grand ma’s too. He sings about life, love, loss and everything else that really matters. And his music is one big reality check calling us to open our eyes. So hop on the road, get a ticket and ride along to the sweet, sweet music of the original JT.


08. KISS and Def Leppard


Pour some sugar on me, Let Me Go, because I’ve got some Rock ‘n’ Roll-ing to do. That’s right folks. Two giants of the rock world are coming together this July. And there is no stopping us from standing in the crowd, up front and center, rocking our heads. The painted faces, the heart-throbs, and the abundance of rock, metal and just plain goodness that followed these two is legendary. And this month, they’re turning the heat up another notch. Make sure you’re there to witness them light things up!


07. Motley Crue & Alice Cooper


In the 80s, Motley Crue became one of the biggest acts in town. Now, they are often identified as the “world’s best-selling group of all time.” This year, Tommy Lee and the gang return to the stage to prove why they’re still the bad boys of rock. And joining them is none other than the “Godfather of Shock-Rock,” Alice Cooper. Bringing some of the most hardcore music to the stage, these two are coming together in what can only be identified as a dream come true for the metal heads. So get them tickets. Now!


06. Monumentour: Fall Out Boy & Paramore


Misery Business, The Only Exception, Still Into You, That’s What You Get, and Decode. Joined by A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More Touch Me, Sugar, We’re Goin Down, This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race and Dance, Dance. That’s one hell of a set-list. These two pop rock powerhouses are coming together. And we can’t wait for them to stop by our town.


05. Journey & Steve Miller Band


This summer gets a lot “hotter”. The two who defined the very definition of rock and progressive music; the two who have made the genre into what it is today; and who truly stand as living legends; ladies and gentlemen, the two, the only two who matter. Journey and the Steve Miller Band. One band taught us to keep believing, and the other gave us The Joker. And together, there’s no knowing what these two will do. But we will be right there, standing witness to the moment.


04. Jay-Z & Beyoncé


They are On The Run. These two are currently the chart-topping, country-hopping, mega star couple that we just can’t get enough of. They have more than thirty Grammy Awards between them, and they just don’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Trust us when we say this; this is one concert that you don’t want to miss.


03. Katy Perry & Capital Cities


She’s Kissed a Girl, and they’re Safe and Sound. Put them together? Total chaos. The kind of chaos that we would give anything to watch. These two acts are currently riding the top of the charts. She’s Walking on Air after the success of her album and they have had the best of Beginnings, following their breakthrough album. We’re gonna watch them light the night up with their music.


02. Queen & Adam Lambert


Need we say more? It’s the Queen and Lambert. And together, they’ll be ripping the stage apart with their songs. Think the biggest rock anthems, a vocalist who lives up to the legendary Freddie Mercury and the possibility that this might be the last full scale tour of the band that gave us hits such as Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You. Yeap. Can’t miss this one. Can’t even think of missing this one.


01. Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival: Korn, Avenged Sevenfold & Asking Alexandria


And finally, the last of the Top-10. To all the hardcore fans currently in a state of disbelief, snap out of it, and get your tickets. Get your trucks. Get your metal. And head to the show. Because this is one tour you can’t afford to miss. They’ve got music that’ll get you head bangin’ and fist bumpin’ all over the place. And we’re gonna ride the wave out like there’s no tomorrow.

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