Keshi Announces 2023 North American Hell & Back Tour

November 1, 2022

After successfully selling out venues on his “Hell/Heaven Tour” earlier this year, R&B sensation Keshi has announced another one titled “Hell & Back Tour”. 2023 North American and European tour will officially kickoff on March 4 from Miami and wrap up on April 17, 2023 in Houston. Even as he gears up for this extravagant run, Keshi continues to finish his ongoing trek in support of his blockbuster album “Gabriel”. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Keshi is known for his infectious lo-fi hip-hop beats and R&B vocalizing. The North American trek will include stops in Orlando, Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and many other cities.

Spotlight on the R&B Rapper Keshi

Always interested in music, Casey Luong popularly known as Keshi started his professional career as an oncology nurse. Inclined towards lo-fi hip-hop, he decided to take it on completely and ventured into creating alternative/indie and hip-hop music. His falsetto vocals earned him huge success and viewership on music streaming websites. Keshi’s music resonates with the listeners as he croons about real life experiences and heartfelt stories. A self-made artist, Keshi watched YouTube tutorials to learn the craft of songwriting and producing. He was quickly able to develop acoustic-trap hybrid beats, matching it with hypnotic vocals. According to the musician everything he creates his self-produced.

“I really don’t like singing over someone else’s beats and always wanted to make cool art. For me it’s not just about being super popular but I want to be able to map out my soundscape.”

Greatly inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Keshi revealed that it was Mayer that prompted him to make mature music. Listening to his songs, he was inspired to make music that’s deep and comes from the heart. Drake is another artist that influenced Keshi’s style. Alternative R&B star, Joji’s music has also played an important role in shaping his style. His lo-fi sound and woeful presentation had a big influence on his production.

Keshi Puts Raw Talent on Display on Tour

The rising R&B star, Keshi is luring in huge crowds on his ongoing “Hell/Heaven Tour”. The setlist focuses heavily on his 2022 debut album “Gabriel” that is driven by soft production and gorgeous beats. Keshi puts on display his guitaring skills and smooth vocals as he shows the fans the time of their lives. Building hype with his present tour, Keshi has now announced a second tour, scheduled to start in January 2023 from Europe and will later start North American leg, spanning from March till April 2023. The “Hell & Back Tour” details have been unveiled and fans can now easily buy their Keshi tickets. Here’s the setlist that the fans can expect at his upcoming tour.

  • Get It
  • Somebody
  • Beside You
  • Like I Need U
  • Westside
  • Less Of You
  • Touch
  • Milli
  • Sins
  • Drunk
  • Understand
  • Skeletons
  • Hell/Heaven
  • 2 Soon
  • Angostura
  • Right Here
  • Limbo
  • Angel
  • Gabriel

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