Joe Rogan’s Concert & Tour History

March 12, 2019

Joe Rogan tickets offer a unique experience of stand-up comedy that will surely bring a night to remember. Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian who charges up audiences with his great spontaneity and wit. However the most special mark that Rogan bear is his love for martial arts. He is a trained martial arts expert that has let his passion combine with his career giving him recognition and success unlike many comedians or martial artists. But the question remains…How did this fortuitous martial artist end up with a role on a popular sitcom, an innovative career with albums with Warner Bros, and host of first rate primetime shows like Fear Factor and The Man Show? The answer is not hard to guess: Tae Kwan Do! Joe Rogan pairs comedy with his martial arts to bring forth a unique experience in live public entertainment that definitely rocks. Joe Rogan’s career is remarkable boasting of reality television hosting and a predominant presence in the comedy circuit.

Joe Rogan started seriously pursuing martial arts in adolescence culminating his learning experience with a black belt. Within a short period afterwards he competed and won the Massachusetts full contact Tae Kwon Do champion; his skill and dedication earned him the title for four consecutive years. The next logic step for Rogan was to compete at the national level and aged nineteen he secured the US Open Tae Kwon Do Championship. Even more amazing is the fact that he went on to defeat the middle as well as the heavyweight title-holders, and was crowned the Grand Championship. No wonder Joe tributes the sport for instilling in him a sense of discipline and motivation. These traits have served him well in the even tougher world of showbiz.

Joe Rogan regards him performances and abilities as a sports man are one part of him. The other part of him that completes him is his sense of humor. His true and original love is and will always be stand-up comedy. Initially, uncertain of his real comedic talent he was unsure to try hands on and later excel at stand-up comedy. Rogan had serious doubts but luckily, his friends convinced him try out his routine. So, as the story goes, during an open for all event in a local club, Rogan gave it a shot. The resultant act was a showstopper leaving audiences mesmerized. Joe Rogan’s charm and personality gained most widespread recognition with regular showcasing of his sports and comic talent. However, hosting the TV series Fear Factor, in the United States became his claim to fame. He was in the lead from June 2001 through September 2006 and then again from December 2011 on NBC.

Before hosting Fear Factor, Rogan also charmed viewers with his role in the hit comedy TV series NewsRadio. His played the role of Joe Garelli, which won him wide general and critical acclaim. Joe Rogan also had the chance to be involved with the long time cult favorite show, The Man Show. In addition to Fear Factor and The Man Show, Rogan started working for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1997. Initially he started off by interviewing fighters before eventually becoming a color commentator. Like all his ventures he was very successful as he won numerous awards and recognition through his illustrious career. His portfolio shines with the World MMA Awards 2011 Personality of the Year, Wrestling Observer Newsletter 2010 Best Television Announcer Award and 2011 Best Television Announcer Award. The Teen Choice Award (2003) also nominated him for choice TV Reality/Variety Host for Fear Factor.

To date, Fear Factor is Rogan’s most successful venture that has been huge hit due to the unknown factor. Joe Rogan has also worked on a number of side projects that involve comedy recordings and releases. Some of the most notable ones include I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday (2000), Live from the Belly of the Beast (2001), Joe Rogan : Live (2006), Shiny Happy Jihad (2007) and Talking Monkeys in Space (2010). All these efforts include live comedy acts which Joe Rogan is loved for. Joe Rogan live shows have earned a commendable reputation over the years. These acts are staged on regular basis as a part of Joe Rogan’s touring project that takes him across the world.

Joe Rogan: Strange Times 2018 Tour

The stand up comic’s 2017 Strange Times tour was a massive success. He continues to treat his fans this year too with additional dates. The North American outing kick-starts on June 8 at the Chicago Theatre and includes shows in major cities including Kansas City, St Louis and Las Vegas among others.

Joe Rogan has been entertaining the audience for over two decades and enjoys a strong and wide fan following across the country. The reviews of his previous Strange Times Tour shows have been highly favorable which has led to an increasing demand for Joe Rogan Strange Times 2018 Tour tickets. Secure your deals fast.

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