Joe Bonamassa’s Concert & Tour History

August 16, 2020

Bearing the fame name of The Best Guitarist You’ve Never Heard Of, Joe Bonamassa is the American Blue’s Rock Guitarist who has been born and brought up in the atmosphere of music. The talented star has now embarked on a tour that will take him to different cities; you can now catch him live in concert with Joe Bonamassa tickets in hand. Bonamassa gave his hit debut performance in 2000 after he released his album A New Day Yesterday in the market. The album was rated Top 10 Blues disc and mesmerized all the blue rock lovers. With a wide range of styles incorporated in Bonamassa’s performance, the amalgamation gives a touch of his own. With the influences like rock, jazz, electric blues and blues-rock, the audiences in live performances surely forget the rest and could not resist but to appreciate the talent of Bonamassa.

Bonamassa was not an ordinary person to hit the music scene. Years of interaction with the music and instruments garnered love for the strings. His parents owned and ran a guitar shop that eventually became his passion too. Not just his parents but his forefathers were quite good at playing various instruments and this gave him a good chance to follow their footsteps. At the tender age of four, he made up his mind to be a guitarist while usually children of this age hardly decide about their future. He gives credit to his parents for nurturing appreciation for music at such an early age and this went a long way. Danny Gatton had a chance to act as a mentor to Bonamassa when he was just 11 and taught him country and jazz styles. Later by the age of 14, Joe formed his own band with Erin, Waylon and Berry Oakley, Jr. An album was also released thus producing two chart singles. Bonamassa had a chance to play with many music giants like Robert Cray, Joe Cocker, Stephen Stills, Paul Jones, Steve Winwood and a lot more.

Bonamassa classifies his music influences as Irish and British blues acts instead of being American. While comparing the traditional British and Irish blues acts with the American ones, Bonamassa found English blues to be more interesting and having diversity than the European or American ones. The major influences that casted a spell on Bonamassa’s style of music was none other than Stevie Ray Vaughan and Rory Gallagher.

As Congress celebrated Year of the Blues in 2003, Bonamassa emerged with Blues Deluxe, a heartfelt tribute to the blues genre. Joe has such quality that his music never loses its connection with the raw emotions that maintains the true essence of blues. His fifth complete studio album was released in 2006 titled You & Me. Reaching the number one Billboard Blues Album Charts, the album won immense following and further love for Bonamassa and his music creations. The album You &Me was rated as Bonamassa’s heaviest blues album ever hit the market as he broke away from the previous heavier rock styles presented in Had to Cry Today and So, It’s Like That.

Bonamassa had a continuous commitment to go beyond the ordinary range and produce outclass music. In this desire, Sloe Gin hit the market in 2007 thus reaching Billboard Blues Chart and staying there for ten weeks. Bonamassa presented his first ever live music at Planet Rock, a UK radio station and once again revived the tracks of Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher and B.B King, some of his most favorite and the inspirational icons too. Joe even paid tribute to Paul Jones by turning his tracks on air through BBC Radio. Later in 2010, Bonamassa released his full-length album Black Rock which hit the Billboard Blues Charts at number one and Billboard Top 200 at number 38. Thus his tenth album also won acclaim and wide popularity amongst blue rock lovers. Joe formed his new band with the name Black Country Communion thus nurturing love and appreciation for its beat lovers. Joe Bonamassa is now reaching your city soon. Grab this opportunity and get Joe Bonamassa Tickets now!

The multitalented American blues rock musician Joe Bonamassa is ready to kick of his Spring US 2017 tour this February. It is in support of his latest album ‘Blues of Desperation’ that was released last year via J&R Adventures. Joe will be taking the tour to numerous cities including Chicago, Des Moines and Springfield.  Travelling with him is a backing band that features iconic musicians such as Michael Rhodes, Paulie Cerra, Anton Fid, Lee Thornburg and Reese Wynans. The set-list includes new songs from the latest release as well as some old favorites. 

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