Historical Timeline of Pittsburgh-Penguins

March 12, 2019

The Pittsburgh Penguins are ready to play their 43rd season at the National Hockey League. They have been the three time Stanley Cup champions ready to make this season their fourth. They have been among the top rated teams of Atlantic Division. Their standing in the division is pretty strong for this season as well, just three points behind from the leading team. The Pittsburgh Penguins, with the captain Sidney Crosby is all set to make this their year with an excellent game play. Catch them playing a power- packed season filled with excitement and entertainment. To be at the Pittsburgh Penguins game, order your desired Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets now!

The gliding Penguins aka Pittsburgh Penguins have happy feet and aggressive body language. They represent Pittsburg as members of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of National Hockey League. Penguins like to play rough with clean passes and smooth shots, they might not have big victories in their bag but they do have loads of enthusiasm to grab them all. Their back to back Stanley Cup wins in 1991 and 1992 remind the fans that Penguins just need to get in the mood to smash their opponents on the rink which belongs to them alone. Team’s fans are looking forward for rows of victory in their current season. Let’s see if Penguins are in the winning mode yet again, meanwhile you are all informed thatPittsburgh Penguin Tickets are up for grabs now.

Jack McGregor, the state senator is the most prominent person in bringing the NHL franchise back to the city. He did lobbying with the contributors and community leaders to fulfill his plan. McGregor collected fund from the local investors and after continuing efforts for over a year, NHL granted a franchise to Pittsburgh for the upcoming season of 1967-1968. The name of the team was chosen in accordance to its venue Civic Arena, locally known as the Igloo. Hampered by the restrictive rules, Penguins had to struggle very hard in the first few years to make it to the playoffs. The team was new and there was a serious lack of talented players. From 1967 to 1974, the prominent Penguin players have been: Ab DeMarco, Les Binkley, Bobby Clarke, Calder Trophy, Michel Briere, Keith McCreary, Bob Battleship Kelly, Steve Durbano, Ken Schinkel, Bob Paradise and Bryan Watson.

Mid 70s was very lucky for the team, it got close to achieving its target of becoming one of the best NHL team. Penguins this time were joined by the offensive players like Pierre Larouche, Ron Stackhouse, Dave Burrows, Paul Gardner, Ron Schock, Mike Bullard and Rick Kehoe; their expertise took the team closer to the semifinals of Stanley Cup. However the only flaw was their poor defense which neutralized the great efforts of the offenders. Penguins could not find a winning combination in the early 80s and ended up missing the playoffs in 1983 and 1984. This tiring losing streak continued till the late 90 until finally Penguins found Paul Coffey, Larry Murphy, Ron Francis, Bryan Torttier, Bob Johnson, Rick Kehoe, Craig Patrick and Mario Lemieux who helped the team sale through these difficult times.

The best era for the Penguins so far has been the decade of 90s where they won multiple major cups. Five out of the total of six Division Cups won by the Penguins were during the 1990 and 1998 along with 2 Conference championships. The Penguins finally won their dream championship Cup and that too back to back, 1990-1991 and 1991–1992 were the best two seasons for the team as they won 2 Stanley Cups. The dark clouds engulfed the Penguins again in 2002. It was lack of management, planning, organization and coaching facilities that resulted in team’s poor performance followed by the rumors of team’s bankruptcy and relocation etc. However some 11th hour arrangement saved the Penguins and by the year 2006, the team had got its grooves back on and won the Stanley Cup 2009.

With some record smashing hits in 2010 season, the team is looking good for the next season. Their diehard fans are anxious for the Penguins to win some big championships and Cups. The team has managed to be among the top two National Hockey League teams and it is quite soon that Penguins will land among the all time top League teams.  Penguins play home at the Consol Energy Center and their fans manage to follow them to other venues to. So if you are planning to support your team live then you should make sure that you get Pittsburgh Penguin Tickets on time. You should know that these tickets are going fast, so place your order now 

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