Historical Timeline of Nashville Predators

March 12, 2019

The young Predators from Nashville, Tennessee are playing with their prey these days and the rivals think they are not built to win. Who cares, the fans know that their cuddly Predators will soon become the fierce lone hunter of the rink. Nashville Predators represent their city in Western Conference as members of the Central Division in the National Hockey League. They joined the NFL in 1997 and played their first season in 1998. The team practices and plays their home games at the Bridgestone Arena. Predators are backed by even wilder fans who will soon introduce a very charming way to cheer their team. Nashville Predators Tickets bring some exciting moments of quite aggressive game of ice hockey; you better hurry up and grab them as soon as possible.

The history of hockey in Tennessee is not very long and lavishing. The first ever team to have represented the city in Eastern Hockey League was Dixie Flyer. Flyers last for less than a decade and dissolved in 1971. The second team, Nashville South Stars, was formed another in 1981, unluckily it too could not last for long and was folded in just 2 years. ECHL Nashville Knights were next in line. Despite some brilliant rather startling performance, Knights too shunned from the hockey. In 1997, some a businessmen group headed by Craig Leopold formally applied for an expansion franchise and within 6 months NHL awarded it to them. Leopold suggest the teams’ name “Predators”, in accordance to its logo of a saber-toothed cat, which won the poll and the franchise was hence named Nashville Predators .

Predators played their opening game against Florida Panthers in October 10, 1998 and lost it with 1-0. They earned their first victory against Carolina Hurricanes three days later. At the end of their opening season, Predators finished the season at second in Western Conference. The fans obviously had high hopes for their following season but it was of course very soon for the Predators to beat the experienced teams. They finished at the last spot. Team’s performance fairly improved in 2000-2001 season, they secured the 10th spot with a score of 34-36-9-3. In the next season, Predators completed their 100th victory as the franchise and became the second fastest team to do so in last 100 years. Predator performed a little better in 2002-03 season and stayed well out of any trouble. 

Finally in 2003-3004, after finishing at number eighth position in the Western Conference, Predators qualified for the playoff for the first time. Unluckily they lost in quarterfinal against Detroit Red Wings. They missed the next season due to some internal dispute. In 2005-06, Predators set an interesting NHL record. They won their first 4 games by one goal and also became the fourth team to begin their season with a score of 8-0.  Predators made another record of making the best score of 32-8-1 at the home ice. The team was defeated by the San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup playoff of 2006. The history repeated its self in the following year and the Sharks pounded the Predators again in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In 2007-08, Detroit Red Wings defeated them in the first knockout round and won the Stanley Cup. The team missed the playoff in 2008-09 and met faced their worst playoffs in 2009-2010.

The deteriorating performance by the Predators has multiple factors behind it. The critics and fans have no doubt in their talents, just some consistency at the managerial level can settle most of their issues and then it would be catfish directing and greeting them for the victory. The fans participation in team’s home games at Bridgestone arena has been much noted and reported. The arena is built for ice hockey and basketball games but currently Nashville Predators is the only tenant of facility. It opened in December 1996 and can accommodate 17, 113 ice hockey patrons and 19,395 spectators for basketball matches. Be it a match held at the Bridgestone Arena or any other rink, Predators’ fans will gather to cheer for them. Hence Nashville Predators Tickets are always sold out very quickly, so book them now!

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