Historical Timeline of Monster Jam Foxborough MA

March 13, 2019

Monster Jam introduced a different side of monster trucks to the general public. The trucks were brought in to the mainstream through some of the most daring stunts ever seen and by making them compete against each other in a year long live show. Nothing like it had ever been seen and nothing like it exists to this day. Each show is designed to exhibit two major aspects of monster trucks. The first part  centers on a simple race to the finish line while the other is based on freestyle stunts and tricks. The biggest trucks in the world are about to make their way to the Gillette Stadium. Grab your Monster Jam Foxborough tickets and experience the thrill live.

Monster Jam is among the most exciting live shows in the country today. It offers something that no other such show can; monster trucks. Countless hours have been spent to make each machine as close to perfect as possible and to ensure that they run smoothly. This is one show that goes the distance to ensure the satisfaction of each fan every time.

Monster Jam offers masses the chance to see monster trucks like never before. Each truck weighs more than ten thousand pounds and it is very hard to make it jump hundreds of feet in the air while doing back flips and nose dives. That is where the skills of the drivers come in.  It is a unique experience and one that has now become the hallmark of Monster Jam. The extravaganza will soon come to the Gillette Stadium. Get your Monster Jam Foxborough tickets and be a part of an unforgettable show live.

Each year Monster Jam tries to bring something new for their millions of fans across the globe. While several changes are made to the almost hundred trucks they have each year, the basic idea remain the same.

Now superheroes like the Batman, the Superman, the Spiderman and the Ironman have inspired the artwork on the trucks. With several such promotions planned for the future as well, Monster Jam is one show that never stops to amaze even its most diehard fans. That is one of the biggest reasons behind its rise as a global phenomenon.

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