Historical Timeline of International Friendly

March 12, 2019

Some of the best international soccer nations in the world will soon make their way to the United States to play a series of international friendly games. Great thing about these games is that some of the encounters will feature men’s teams while the others will see women’s national sides take on each other. If you are a soccer fan based in the United States, this is just about as good as it gets for you. International friendly tickets for these encounters are in high demand as the excitement is building closer to the games. Book your tickets to make sure you do not miss out on any second of the action live.

National soccer sides representing different countries will travel to the US to play some cracking international friendly games this year. This is your chance to book your international friendly tickets and watch the action as it unfolds live.

The International Rivalries

International soccer has thrown up plenty of epic rivalries over the years. There is a lot at stake when certain teams collide and fans are always eager to see their country come out on top. Here are some fierce international rivalries:

Brazil Vs Argentina

There is absolutely no love lost between these two South American powerhouses. Not only have these two soccer mad countries produced some of the greatest players the sport has ever seen, but have also dished out plenty of hostile games over the years. Then there is the debate involving Pele and Maradona with regards to who is the best player in soccer history out of these two icons.

The Argentina Vs Brazil rivalry is at its best every time they meet on the field.

Germany Vs Holland

Germany and Holland go back a long way not only in sporting terms but also politically. The animosity between these two European powerhouses has its roots in the political and historical issues that these two nations share. It all comes from the German occupation of the Netherlands during the Second World War.

Their soccer rivalry really took off after the FIFA World Cup Final of 1974 between Holland and West Germany. The Dutch were favorites according to a lot of people going into the game and even took the lead. West Germany however roared back and won the clash to deny victory to arguably the greatest Netherland football team in its history.

England Vs Scotland

England Vs Scotland ranks at the top of the list of the oldest international soccer contests in history. These two cross-border rivals faced each other for the first time way back in the year 1872 in Glasgow. That game ended in a goalless draw. The animosity between these two nations also stems from political history. The Scots refer to the English as the “Auld Enemy” and no inch is given out on the soccer field whenever these two great rivals faceoff.

England Vs Germany

England Vs Germany rivalry is also a fierce one but the head-to-head record favors the Germans by a big margin. The English however have had their epic moments too, like beating Germany 5-1 at the Olympic Stadium in Munich in the year 2001. Germany overall has enjoyed better of the contests, at least in those that matter. They were the last side to beat England at the old Wembley and also the first to beat them at the new Wembley. The Germans also destroyed England at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Germany has also won four World Cups compared to the one won by England in 1966.

USA Vs Mexico

USA Vs Mexico rivalry has gone up a notch in terms of competiveness over the years. These two CONCACAF teams have played in plenty of epic clashes over the years. The rivalry stems from the close geographical proximity of the two countries and the fact a lot of Mexicans immigrated to the US for better opportunities. The animosity has increased over the last few years especially and as a result of that, the games between these two countries are tense affairs.

There are several other major rivalries in international soccer. It is the most popular sport in the world and is watched by people in all parts of the globe. The legendary Pele called soccer “The Beautiful Game” but as history has shown it can turn ugly quickly when some fierce rivals collide. Get ready for some pulsating games between soccer mad nations when they come to the US, by simply booking your international friendly tickets.

The Summer of International Soccer Is Here

This summer promises to be a great one for soccer fans with lots of exciting action to come. A number of prestigious international and club tournaments will be getting underway in a few weeks’ time. These include the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the International Champions Cup and a few others. Before these big tournaments begin, however, a number of teams will be coming to the United States to play in international friendlies.

Team USA will also be involved in a few of these encounters as the Gold Cup hosts look to give the finishing touches to their preparation. On the other side, the United States women’s national soccer team will want to get their form and fitness in order ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup where they will be defending their crown. Get your International Friendly tickets now to enjoy the games.

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