Historical Timeline of Dance Gavin Dance

April 13, 2019

Dance Gavin Dance was formed out of two other bands – Ghost Runner on Third and Farewell Unknown. Soon after its formation, the group began working on their debut EP, Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean. Soon, their domination of the charts had begun, with an ever-increasing fan-base.

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About Dance Gavin Dance

Described by AllMusic as an “emo-leaning and volatile post-hardcore band”, Dance Gavin Dance was formed in 2005 in Sacramento, California. The current members of the group include Tilian Pearson on clean vocals, Will Swan on lead guitar, Tim Feerick on bass guitar, Jon Mess on unclean vocals and Matthew Mingus on drums and percussion.

After the release of their debut EP, the group was signed on to Rise Records and began working on its first full-length studio record, Downtown Battle Mountain. Singles “Lemon Meringue” and “And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman” did well from this album.

Successful Music

The band released its second album, Dance Gavin Dance in August 2008 and it peaked at number 26 on the Top Independent Albums chart. Their third album, Happiness, was released soon after that and peaked at number 30 on the Top Independent Albums chart.

Their position on the charts eventually began to improve as they released their fourth album, Downtown Battle Mountain II, in March of 2011. This album made it up to number 82 on the Billboard 200 and number 13 on the Independent Albums chart. It even made it to the second position on the Hot Rock Albums chart.

After multiple lineup changes, Dance Gavin Dance treated the fans with their fifth record, Acceptance Speech in October 2013. The album was a big commercial and critical success as it hit the 42nd spot on the Billboard 200, 7th on the Independent Albums Chart, number thirteen on the Alternative Albums Chart and number six on the Top Hard Rock Albums Chart. This new wave of success helped the band establish itself further as rising stars in the music industry.

The release of their sixth studio record, Instant Gratification, released in April 2015, was further proof of the band’s growing fan base and undeniably catchy tunes.

Soon after the release of Instant Gratification, the group embarked on a much-anticipated 10 Year Anniversary Tour. And with the successful wrapping up of this tour, the group started work on its seventh studio album, Mothership.

With all these successful musical works released, fans now had their eyes fixed on the release date for Dance Gavin Dance’s latest album, Artificial Selection. This eight studio album by the band was released in June of 2018 and fans were. beyond excited!

The Musical Style of Dance Gavin Dance

The musical style of Dance Gavin Dance has been given multiple labels over the years. It has been called post-hardcore, progressive rock, jazz fusion, screamo and math rock. The sound of the band has been frequently compared to other bands, such as Alexisonfire, Circa Survive and the Fall of Troy.

The group itself has noted that the work of Earth Wind & Fire, Deftones, “Explosions in the Sky and Radiohead has influenced their music.

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