Historical Timeline of carolina hurricanes

March 12, 2019

The Carolina Hurricanes would be looking to excite things up for their fans this season with their eyes on the qualifiers for the playoffs. The last season did not turn out to be so great for the Hurricanes when they barely missed to make it to the playoffs. This time, however, they are determined not to make the same mistakes they did the last time. With a bit of luck, they would surely be able to make most of what they have and play to win. The fans too seem to sense the rejuvenated spirit of the team as they get set to stand behind their stars through thick and thin as the new season approaches. For all the fans of the squad watching their games from within the stadium is a must since the team can use all the support it can get. So get Carolina Hurricane tickets to support your team and be there to cheer them on as they fight for glory.

With the support of their fans, they have been able to work miracles on the field. If we say that the last few decades have been outstanding for the Carolina Hurricanes in terms of their performance on the football field, it won’t be far from the truth. The fact remains that the Hurricanes are living some of the best years of the combined career of the team. The team has had spectacular past couple of years particularly because it managed to walk away with its first ever Stanley Cup! Stanley Cup is considered the highest honor in ice hockey and to be able to win that, the team has to be at its absolute best. 2005-2006 were the best seasons for the Hurricanes as they also won the Division Championship trophy as well as the Conference Championship title. Many fans hope to relive the same glorious years of the team again.

The franchise of the Carolina Hurricanes was founded as the New England Whalers in 1972. The franchise, at that time, used to fall under the umbrella of the World Hockey Association and was renamed in 1979 to be known as the Hartford Whalers, when it relocated. After relocating to North Carolina, the team was finally called the Carolina Hurricanes and was registered as a National Hockey League franchise. Today, as part of the NHL, the team competes in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. The team currently is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and plays all of its home games in the RBC Center which was previously known as the Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena. With its capacity of over eighteen thousand people, the arena gets completely filled with fans of Carolina Hurricane donning the teams’ jerseys of black, red and white.

The arena, along with the team of Carolina Panthers is the privileged host of the 2011 National Hockey League All-Star Game. Hosting the game might give the team of Hurricanes an edge over the other contestants. This is the kind of thing the team needs to repeat the performance it delivered in 2005-2006. That season is still remembered as the golden year in the career of the Hurricanes as they managed to pocket not only the much coveted Stanley Cup that year but also both the Conference Championship title as well as the Division Championship trophy.

If you are an ice hockey fan and enjoy good game then there is no reason for you to miss any Carolina Hurricane game at all. Same goes for the fans of the squad who have every reason in the world to watch the games live instead of watching it on the television and show support for the stars of a team they call their own. Kick away the remote control and the bag of chips and grab a few Carolina Hurricanes Tickets for a super exciting game of fun filled hockey and have a great time with your friends and family.

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