5 Reasons to watch Super Bowl at the stadium

December 4, 2015
To call it the most awaited game of the football calendar would be an understatement. The Super Bowl is now one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Today NFL’s showpiece game has grown to encompass a wide variety of American traditions and values. It is not merely a football fixture anymore; it has become an American way of life.The last Super Bowl set new standards when it recorded the highest average number of viewers in history with over a hundred and ten million people tuning in for the spectacle. However, no matter how fun it is to enjoy the game at home, it pales in comparison to the experience of watching it live at the stadium.
Here are our 5 reasons to watch Super Bowl at the stadium:

1. The Players


The NFL has been home to some remarkable athletes over the years and the Super Bowl is where fans have witnessed some great individual performances by them. A Super Bowl is where the best become great. This is where legacies are cemented and players achieve immortality.

On top of that, the Super Bowl also provides fans a chance to see their favorite players in the flesh. Not only will you get to see the two best teams in the country fighting it out for the ultimate prize right in front of your eyes; you will also see a host of legendary players from the past interacting with fans, giving interviews and signing autographs. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Hall of Famers posing with their championship rings and sharing stories and giving insights into their playing days.

American Football Players at Line of Scrimmage during Football Game

2. The Football Experience


The traditions linked to the Super Bowl are now as important as the fixture itself. The event has become a great way for families and friends to spend time together, prompting the party like atmosphere that is so common before the big game now. The NFL decided to take this upbeat environment and make it a staple for every Super Bowl through the NFL Experience.

Today the game is preceded by a wide variety of activities aimed at engaging people of all ages. A concert featuring some of the biggest names in the music industry is held each year, while the event also features performances by the cheerleaders. There are countless fun activities for children as well, with seven aside football games, bouncing castles, dancing competitions and many more fun activities to keep them engaged. A historic ‘Through the Ages’ exhibition is organized as well, giving fans a glimpse into the illustrious history of the Super Bowl and the game of football itself.

Football Just Over the Goal Line Upper Right

3. The Food


Americans love their food and the Super Bowl gives them a pretty good opportunity to showcase this affection. While the country gorges on over a billion chicken wings, millions of pounds of potato chips, thousands of pizzas and millions of gallons of beer; you can enjoy what you like to eat at the stadium itself.

Each Super Bowl game sees hundreds of different food trucks, food stands, restaurant booths and fast food pickups at the venue, catering to the needs of the fans present there. Delicacies from all across the world will be available, with more focus given to local treats. Not only will you get gourmet food at the stadium, you will also be able to pick between fast food, low calorie, kosher and vegetarian options.

young men watching sports competition

4. The Halftime Show


Football fan or not almost everybody tunes in for the epic Super Bowl Halftime show. Each year the NFL tries to do outdo its efforts from the previous edition and that has resulted in some blockbuster performances and moments. Today the halftime show is almost as famous as the game itself and gives the Super Bowl an added bit of flair.

The show traditionally featured marching bands and performing troupes, before they were replaced by world famous music stars. Starting with Gloria Estefan and Michael Jackson in the early nineties, to Beyonce and Katy Perry in recent years, some of the biggest names in music history have performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. If the past is anything to go by, then Super Bowl 50 will have something really special in store for you. It is the fiftieth anniversary of NFL’s biggest game after all.

Football Referee


5. The Game


After all the activities and performances are over, it will finally be time for the Super Bowl to take center stage. As you head into the arena, along with thousands of other fans, you will feel the excitement and apprehension in the air as fans of both teams get ready to watch the colossal clash. As you take your seat and take in the atmosphere in the stadium; that will be the time when you truly understand the significance of what is to come.

As a fan of the game, there can be no better feeling than to enjoy football at the stadium itself. There is no greater joy than to experience every moment, big or small, with hundreds and thousands of fans around you. It is an experience that people wait all year to be a part of and it stays with them for the rest of their lives.

The Super Bowl 50 is now just around the corner and it is expected to be a truly special occasion in football history, with it being the fiftieth edition of the biggest game of the year. As the new champions lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy, think of where would you rather be at that historic moment? Do you want to be sitting at home in front of your television or do you want to be out there at the Levi’s Stadium to see which is the best team in the NFL?

Football player catches a ball

The choice seems pretty simple to us.


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