Enrique Iglesias’s Concert & Tour History

March 12, 2019

A Spanish heart throb, Enrique Iglesias is well identified with a mere mention of ‘Bailamos’. This pop artist has made it big by winning a Grammy Award shortly after the start of his career as well as several other awards each year from 1997 till 2010. Enrique Iglesias’s music being a phenomenal success made him sign a multi album deal worth US $48, 000,000 with Universal Music Group recently. His rocking performances feature all award winning hot singles ‘Escape’, ‘Don’t Turn Off The Lights’ , ‘Be With You’ and the like. His concerts certainly offer an experience of a life time. So, buy your Enrique Iglesias Tickets right now!

Music is not dependant on language and Enrique Iglesias is the artist who fit perfectly on this quote. He is perhaps the most charming male R&B singer of recent times. His voice is no less seductive and could be recognized instantly. The Spanish singer and song writer has the expressive eyes which are filled with all sorts of sensitive emotions and he knows the right words to register the message effectively. Iglesias’s looks and manly charisma was bound to drag him in the showbiz world but the good thing is that he chose to focus more on modeling and music than acting and production. Iglesias earned the worldwide fame with his first English song “Bailamos” which was released in August 1999. If you intend to dance on the songs that would mean much to you even if you don’t understand them that well then Enrique Iglesias Tickets are must for you.   Iglesias’s father is also a well-known Spanish singer but he succeed in earning his own reputation as an artist with no shadow of his father’s strong star status. He shifted in Miami to live with his father when he was 10 years old and hence was naturally inclined towards music. Iglesias was so committed to gain his own identity in the music world that he borrowed money from his nanny and secretly recorded a cassette tape. Iglesias released the tape with fake identity of some unknown singer from Guatemala. He was soon offered to sign a deal by Fonovisa and be accepted the offer. Iglesias fixed the important matters and left for Toronto to record his first album. Enrique Iglesias had the talent, he was willing to work hard to live his dreams but he didn’t know if the luck would be lavishly kind to him. His debut album Enrique Iglesias 1995 became a massive hit, it sold half a million copies in its first week of release.

Enrique Iglesias’ bilingual fans knew that he has the potential to take on the international music market. His compositions themselves were stunning and captivating. The outstanding success earned by Iglesias in his home country started to spread buzz in international recording companies. It was “Vivir” which brought Iglesias on the same success level to any other mainstream English singer. Iglesias, along with Billy Joel, Bruse Springsteen and Sir Elton John, performed live to sold out crowed in 16 countries. This helped him become an international star in very little time, not that it was any hard for him. Iglesias released his second album Cosas del Amor in 1998 which was followed by a tour, in fact first ever tour sponsored by McDonald’s. Although Enrique Iglesias had earned international success by 1997 but he had not released any single in English until Bailamos in 1999. “Bailamos” was chosen to be the sound track of Wild Wild West and helped him gain worldwide popularity.

“Bailamos”, “Escape” and “Hero” became a huge international success. These songs topped the charts in Spain, Israel and the US. Today, Iglesias is more famous and wanted in the U.S than in any other country. The singer has been in news for having relations with Anna Kournikova, later denying and then confirming it. Iglesias has released 9 studio albums, 40 music videos, 5 compilation albums and 42 singles. Seven out of his 9 albums have been certified platinum in multiple countries. His notable tracks include: “Por Amarte”, “Vivire’ y Morire”, “Enamorado Por Primera Vez”, “Miente”, “Solo En Ti”, “Sad Eyes”, “Rhythm Divine/Ritmo Total””, “Be with You/Sólo Me Importas Tú”, “Don’t Turn Off the Lights/No Apagues La Luz”, “Not in Love”, “Tired of Being Sorry”, “Can You Hear Me”, “Love to See You Cry”, “Taking Back My Love”, “Somebody’s Me/Alguien Soy Yo” and “Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)/Dímelo”. Hurry up and grab Enrique Iglesias Tickets as soon as possible.

Enrique Iglesias has released his latest single along with X Factor stars Sean Paul and Matt Terry. The Spanish song is called “Subeme La Radio” which roughly translates to “Beam up my radio”. Enrique is expected to hit his eleventh Top 10 mark in the UK and the single is already going viral across the globe.

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