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February 14, 2019

Music lovers know what it’s like to be present at a live concert of the Deftones, the band has been rocking hard for more than two whole decades and its popularity doesn’t seem to fade one bit. As the Deftones are about to take the stage again make sure grab hold of Deftones tickets right away! Deftones have millions of fans out there who all are waiting to see their favorite rockers rock the stage, so don’t become deaf to our warning and taken it lightly, be quick and seal the deal now! Listen to some of their old hits along with brand new hits from their latest album, “Diamond Eyes.”

Deftones started out as a heavy metal rock band during the late 1980’s. Like most of the Heavy metal genre bands, the Deftones too was a group of young boys having a burning desire for loud heavy metal music. They started off with nothing but their fondness for the genre. Credit for their success also goes partly to their endless garage practice sessions which helped them to attain the status they so enjoy today. Tickets to their concerts are hot items among heavy metal lovers so if you happen to be one of them then make sure to click on your deal before it’s too late!

Rooted in Sacramento, these Californian rockers formed a five piece band including Chino Moreno as the lead vocalist and guitarist. Another guitarist in the band is, Stephen Carpenter. Drumming duties are looked after by Abe Cunningham. The fourth member is Frank Delgado, he is on the keyboards. Last we have Chi Cheng on bass. Till date the Deftones have a total of six albums to their credit. Out of these six albums, two have achieved platinum status and two, gold. The albums achieving gold status are Around the Fur and their self titled album. Adrenaline and White Pony are the ones achieving platinum success. Their latest album just came out in the spring of 2010, so make sure you grab your copy of it and enjoy some heavy metal tunes.

One day while skateboarding during his teens, Carpenter got hit by a car which left him in the wheel chair for months. During this period Carpenter started teaching himself guitar. Cunningham, Moreno and carpenter were all high school buddies and went to the same school. When Moreno and Cunningham found out about Carpenters new found love for music they set up a jam session where they started playing regularly. There music was inspired form bands like, Metallica, Anthrax and Stormtroopers of Death yet to personalize their tunes they added a spin to the genre that was entirely their own and much appreciated by fans everywhere. After inducting Chi Cheng as bassist they became four from three. It took them hardly two years and they stared playing at club shows and gradually expanded their attention towards San Francisco and Los Angeles. As they now come to a venue near you make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

The prefix, Def is taken from hip hop and should not be confused with Deaf at all. These rockers like cranking things up and what fans love about them. This Grammy Award winning rock band of the recent years is said to be one of the more state of the art and inimitable bands of our times, making their live concerts all the more worthwhile. Receiving rave reviews like “furiously intelligent” by Time Magazine critic, Moreno’s poetic lyrics are said to be having manifold meanings in them.

Apart from meaning the lyrics also have an all encompassing sense of drama to them adding a dash of flavor to a dull evening. The band has always endeavored to bring forth diversified and innovative music and it would be completely justified to say that they very well succeeded in doing just that. As these pioneers of deafening vocals, hard core riffs, blended in with eerie music and low key singing are not done with their live performances yet their fans must rush to their upcoming concert as well.  As these musicians create an atmosphere and ambience of fresh hard rock it becomes unbearable to miss out their music so make sure to grab your Deftones tickets right away!

From North American tour to concerts in Australia with the special guests Karnivool and Voyager, Deftones have quite a busy year ahead of them. And if rumors are to be believed, they are already writing new music.


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