Boz Scaggs’s Concert & Tour History

March 12, 2019

Hailing from the city of Canton, Ohio, Boz Scaggs has been entertaining all the Jazz and Rock music lovers from all across the globe for quite a few decades now, and he still continues to do so. Scaggs stepped into the music industry back in 1965, but his true fame came to back in 70s when his chart topping hits earned him the attention and love of thousands of Jazz and Blues Rock lovers. Now his fans can watch him live by booking Boz Scaggs Tickets for his live concert performances. He is a treat to watch live on stage, so make sure you grab the best deal on Boz Scaggs Tickets and enjoy his music live and exclusive!

Born to a travelling salesman, Boz Scaggs was interested in music since childhood. Seeing his interest in the music, he was given a guitar at an early age and so he started learning it by the time he was only 12 years of age. Scaggs attended a private school that was based in Dallas, Texas, and there he met Steve Miller. After being acquainted with Miller, he became the vocalist of a band named the Marksmen. Both Miller and Scaggs then went on in the same university and during those days, the pair played with several blues bands including the Fabulous Knight Trains and the Ardells.  After Scaggs left the school he decided to enter the ongoing R&B scene in London and so he sang along with the bands like Mother Earth and the Wigs. But later on, Scaggs decided to pursue his solo career and so back in 1965, he came up with his debut solo album titled Boz. The album, however, didn’t come to be a success as such.

After Scaggs made his return back to his home country to the city of San Francisco to explore the psychedelic music scene there, Scaggs’ once again bumped into Steve Miller and so he, once again, became a part of Steve Miller Band, and was featured on the first two albums by the band. In 1968 Scaggs had another solo break after landing a record deal with Atlantic records, after he was discovered by a Rolling Stone Publisher, Jann Wenner. Scaggs released his only solo album with Atlantic records, titled Boz Scaggs, and then he signed a record deal with Columbia Records. His first and only album with Atlantic Records only earned him a mild success, similarly the album that followed were also able to snatch minor attention themselves.

Boz Scaggs released his first breakthrough studio album titled Silk Degrees in 1976, after he hired a few session musicians. Featuring hit singles like Lido Shuffle, What Can I Say, Lowdown and We’re All Alone; Silk Degrees peaked at the #2 spot on the U.S Billboard 200, while in rest of the countries the album peaked at #1 spot. Following his studio success, Scaggs decided to take his act live, and thanks to the attention and fame that he’d already attained through his breakthrough album, the entire tour was a big commercial success. Silk Degrees was then followed by Down Two Then Left, which did good but not as good as its predecessor.

Scaggs once again made it on to the charts with his 1980 release the Middle Man, which spawned hit singles such as Jojo and Breakdown Dead Ahead. These hit were then later followed by two more hits which were Look What You’ve Done to Me and Miss Sun. After these charting hits, Scaggs didn’t appear on charts for quite some time, as his musical career went on a brief hiatus. And he didn’t release any new material up until 1988, when he released his L.P.

Since he has a good amount of fan following throughout the globe, Scaggs takes his act live every year during the summer season with his world tour. So this is the time of the year when all the loyal fans of Boz Scaggs rejoice, as he is, like always, scheduled to take his act live once again. So don’t miss out on his live performance once he hits your city, and grab your Boz Scaggs Tickets today!

Boz Scaggs: Out of The Blues Tour 2019

The iconic blues singer, Boz Scaggs released his nineteenth studio effort, ‘Out of the Blues’ in 2018. He is now going to embark on his latest outing in support of this album and will be performing his first show of the trek at the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville on April 7, 2019. He will then play his second show at the Saenger Theatre in Mobile on April 9, 2019. From there, Scaggs will go on to trek through multiple cities including, Jacksonville, Saint Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and New Orleans before he concludes the tour in July.

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