Billy Strings Announces 2023 Tour Dates

November 7, 2022

Billy Strings Announces 2023 Tour Dates


The Grammy Award winning bluegrass singer Billy Strings has announced additional dates on his 2022 trek, unveiling 2023 Winter Tour schedule. The 30-year-old Michigan sensation now has 40 dates on his itinerary and will be performing live at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on three dates – February 24, 25, and 26, 2023. In Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Live he has three concerts scheduled on February 16, 17, and 18. Along the way, Billy Strings will be performing live in Charlottesville, Athens, Atlanta, and North Charleston. The 2023 leg will wrap up in Cincinnati with three shows, spanning March 16, 17, and 18. Billy Strings released his latest album in 2021 titled “Renewal” and it reached top 10 on Billboard Country charts.


Billy Strings Extends Tour in Wake of New Album  


Billy Strings has announced one of the most cherished collaborations of his career, a new album “Me/And/Dad” with his father Terry Barber. All set to release on November 18, 2022, the father-son duo treated the fans to rendition of bluegrass song “Long Journey Home” and a cover track “Life to Go”. In a recent press statement Billy Strings stated, “I always wanted to make a record with my dad and 12 years into my career, I realize that time’s slipping away. Not doing this record scared me.”

To mark the special occasion, in a very rare occurrence, Terry Barber plays the Martin acoustic guitar – one that he pawned many years ago to support his family and later found it online! According to the musician, “I was completely dumfounded. It was like bringing my mom out from the grave”.  

While talking more about the album, Billy Strings revealed that it has many songs on it that he composed with his dad at the young age of three. He couldn’t find a better person to play these songs with.


Billy Strings to Unleash Popular Sounds & Setlist


Capacity crowd fills the arenas and outdoor spaces whenever Billy Strings performs live. effortlessly playing the guitar, he moves around the stage and engages with the crowd through his incredible vocals. Accompanied by his touring band, Billy Strings keeps the momentum going all through his performance, unleashing hit tracks like “Love and Regret”, “Guitar Peace”, “Red Daisy”, “Ice Bridges”, “The Great Divide”, and “Midnight on the Stormy Deep”. As he takes his 2022 tour well into 2023, there’s a huge buzz surrounding the availability of Billy Strings tickets. The fans are hoping that in some shows he’s joined by his father Terry Barber and together they put the stage ablaze. The expected setlist for the upcoming concerts is

  • Red Daisy
  • Must Be Seven
  • Pyramid Country
  • Show Me the Door
  • Away From the Mire
  • Dust in a Baggie
  • Everything’s the Same
  • Love and Regret
  • Hide and Seek
  • Train 45
  • Long Journey Home
  • Down by the Seaside

Billy Strings presents a collection of classic cover songs as well as original numbers, keeping the setlist fresh for all of his shows

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