9 reasons why the 2017 MLB season will be one for the ages

April 14, 2017


The last MLB season was a cracking one. After a whole campaign full of exciting games, it all came down to the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians going for the World Series title. The Indians had last won a World Series in 1948 while the Chicago Cubs’ jinx went even further back to the year 1908.

For a long while at least for the first four games, it looked as if the Cleveland Indians will come out on top and win the most coveted titled in the MLB. The Indians were 3-1 up and had one hand on the trophy. The Cubs however roared back to take the series to the seventh game and won that particular encounter in extra time to clinch their first World Series triumph in 108 years.

Now all that is in the past and the 2017 MLB season has kicked-off. It promises to be another thrilling ride all the way through to the end. Here are 9 reasons why the 2017 MLB season promises to be one for the ages:

1-Will the Cubs keep their title?

The big question first up. Will the Chicago Cubs retain their World Series title in 2017? Some people think they will, some people think the pressure will be too much and they will eventually falter. No one has a crystal ball to predict these things but this will be one of the most intriguing questions all through the 2017 MLB campaign.

2-What will the Cleveland Indians do?

Now to the Cleveland Indians who came so agonizingly close to winning the World Series last time around. It was their first appearance in the World Series since the year 1997 and they were just one game away from winning the title. How will missing out last year affect them? Will they let the near miss get to them or will they use it a galvanizing force and bounce back to go all the way?

3-Will the Seattle Mariners make it to the playoffs?

The last time the Seattle Mariners went to the playoffs was in the year 2001. They also won the division championship that year. Unfortunately for everyone associated with them, things have not been that good since. Their playoff drought is the longest in the MLB right now. Will they be able stop the rot from spreading any further?

4-Will the New York Yankees mount a comeback?

Now to the legendary New York Yankees. They are on this list simply because they are the most successful side in MLB history and for a long time, they were the team everyone wanted to beat. The Yankees won their last and twenty seventh World Series in 2009 but will they reach those heights this season? The Yankees seem to basing the roster on the strength of young players. Young players have been added to the roster and it certainly looks as if this is a deliberate ploy by the management. Our advice to other teams? Watch out for The Bronx Bombers this season.

5-No More homefield advantage for the All-Star winners

For the first time in fourteen years, the league that wins the MLB All-Star game will not get to the advantage of the homefield. Now the people making the decision have announced that the homefield advantage will be with the side that has won more games during the regular season. We do not know about you but this makes a lot more sense to us.

6-Will Albert Pujols hit 600?

Albert Pujols is on the cusp of joining a very elite group of players. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim star has hit 592 home runs till now and is now just short of the 600 mark. If he reaches the milestone, he will become only the ninth player in MLB history to achieve the feat. He would have earned his place on the list too.

7-David Wright for the record

David Wright can go past Darryl Strawberry as the out and out home run king for the Mets this season. Wright is only 11 home runs short of the 250 HRs mark set by Strawberry. Wright is facing injury issues right now but when he comes back, he will for sure have his sights set on going past Darryl Strawberry.

8-The rivalry between the Cardinals and the Cubs

For a long period of time the Chicago Cubs looked up to the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards were one of MLB’s big dogs, while the Cubs had failed to win the World Series for well over a century. Since the rivalry between these two sides has always been intense, it made it that much more tough for the Cubs to take. But now, the tables have turned. The Cubs are the team to beat whereas the Cardinals are among the chasing pack. This just adds a little more spice to the rivalry and the games between these two sides will be among the biggest talking points of the season.

9-Young players stepping up

The MLB right now is brimming with young talent and that can only be good news for the teams’ and the league’s future. For the first time in quite a few years, there are players like Trevor Story, Michael Fulmer and Gary Sanchez to name a few that are showing incredible potential at the same time. It should be very interesting to see how these young players develop and which new players crop up to join them during the 2017 MLB season.

So, there you have it. These are our 9 reasons why the 2017 MLB season will be one for the ages. Have we missed out on something? Let us know by commenting below.

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