5 biggest winning margins in MLB history

July 18, 2014

We all love to see close games because the thrill and the excitement make it all worth it. There is something really unique about sitting on the edge and not being able to decide which team will come out on top after a humdinger of an encounter.

As MLB fans, we have seen our share of these clashes over the years and they have been unbelievable. On the other hand, the league has also dished up some of the most lopsided games in sport’s history. There have been such one sided results that we’ve had to double and triple check to see if what we were seeing is right and not a figment of our imagination.

This is precisely what got us flipping through history books to come up with our list of the biggest blowouts in MLB history. This is what we have come up with:


1- Chicago Colts vs Louisville Colonels 36-7


The Cubs known as the Chicago Colts in the year 1897 absolutely trounced the Louisville Colonels 36-7. Yes, you read that right, the score for that game was 36-7. No team has since then scored more runs in a game and that just goes to show the enormity of the shellacking the Colonels got. Historians say it was a breathtaking exhibition of hitting from the Colts and one that has forever written their names in history books as one of the biggest wins in MLB history.

2- Texas Rangers vs Baltimore Orioles 30-3


The Texas Rangers squared off against the Baltimore Orioles in 2007 and everyone at the ballpark and the millions watching at home were treated to an astonishing game. What makes the 30-3 score even more unbelievable is the fact that the Orioles were ahead 3-0 at one point in the game. The Rangers then pummeled five runs in the fourth innings, nine in the sixth, ten in the eighth and then capped it off by hitting another six in the ninth. The Orioles were shell shocked and they weren’t the only ones. It was the first time in AL that a team had managed to score thirty runs. Not only that, but the last time a team in MLB scored thirty runs was a hundred and ten years ago. Astonishing stats for a truly astonishing game.


3- Cleveland Indians vs New York Yankees 22-0


The year was 2004 and the Indians destroyed the New York Yankees 22-0. No one saw that coming and to say the result shocked many would be one hell of an understatement. The Yankees were at the top of the AL East but their lead had already started to slip away heading into the game. The Indians just rolled them over like nothing with Omar Vizquel the star with six hits. The Yankees lost the momentum in the end and the Red Sox went on to win the World Series that year by beating the Cardinals.


4- Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs 22-


The date was September 16, 1975 and that is the day when the Pirates annihilated the Cubs 22-0 on their way to recording arguably their most famous win. The Cubs just kept on pitching poorly and the Pirates simply went on hammering them. Rennie Stennett was the biggest beneficiary as he set a then new record for the most hits (7) in a game in nine innings. It was also the biggest margin of a shutout in history.


5- Boston Red Sox vs St Louis Browns 29-4


The Boston Red Sox hammered the St Louis Browns 20-4 on July 7, 1950. It was a huge win for the Red Sox and one that no one would think could be equaled anytime soon. The Red Sox, well, they had other ideas. 24 hours later, they once again routed the Browns but this time by an even greater margin of 29-4. For people who are bad at math, this amounts to an incredible 49 runs scored in two games. The Red Sox’s 29 runs was a new single game record. The 29 RBIs was also another record that was amassed by the Red Sox in that game. They just had too much firepower for the Browns to handle and it showed in spectacular fashion.



  • john says:

    also the San Francisco Giants beat the LA dodgers 28-1, Giants won.

    • Mr Obvious says:

      I am glad that you followed up with commenting that the Giants won after stating that they beat LA 28 to 1. I wasn’t sure if having a lower number was a good thing, such as in golf. But you clarified any misunderstanding that I had and I truly appreciate it.

      • Mr smartass says:

        28-1 is bigger margin than 29-4 (the 5th), he was pointing out another big margin win, what was so obvious that he stated that was already self-explanatory? dont know why idiots like you are giving him a hard time

    • John Crea says:

      Not as bad as losing 22-0

  • john says:

    the yankees recently beat rangers 21-5

  • Aksh says:

    Red Sox 22 and Seattle 10

  • Brandon Jones says:

    April 21, 2016 cubs 16 reds 0 Arrieta throws a no hitter

  • Kyle Troyer says:

    Earlier this year the LA Angeles beat the Boston Red Sox 21-2.

  • Lori says:

    Today the Houston Astros beat the Toronto Blue Jays 19-1.

  • Bob says:

    Toronto Blue Jays 1
    Houston Astros 19


  • Tyler Dahl says:

    Chicago Colts for the MLB? Wow, that is some old time stuff haha.

  • Kyle says:

    Phillies beat marlins 20-1

  • Jake says:

    Nationals beat mets 25-4

  • Ferric says:

    July 31, 2018

    Washington Nationals 25
    New York Mets 4

  • Rick Witt says:

    Every team has had a loss like that. Last night the Mets joined the Club BIG TIME.
    Yes, I am a Mets fan. Sad to watch.

  • Mike Flint says:

    I gather the Nationals 25-4 win over the Mets on July 31, 2018 with a 21 run point differential should rank in the top 10!

  • Julia says:

    July 6, 2009: The Cincinnati Reds suffered the worst loss in team history when the Phillies beat them 22 to 1.

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