2017 Super Bowl Odds for NFL Week 12

November 25, 2016



1) – New England Patriots (7-5, Previously 7-5): With uninspiring performances over the past few weeks, these may as well the best odds you can get on the Patriots

2) – Seattle Seahawks (5-1, Previously 7-1):  Thanks to a Big Win over the Patriots, the oddsmakers are bumping up Seahawks Super Bowl chances

 3) – Dallas Cowboys (5-1, Previously 7-1): Hoping to return to the Super Bowl since 1995, oddsmakers are showing a lot of confidence in the Cowboys

4) – Pittsburgh Steelers (14-1, Previously 20-1): Looks like the Steelers are finally getting their act together as they move on from their 4 game losing streak

5) – Oakland Raiders (16-1, Previously 16-1): 14 years since the Buccaneers refused Raiders their fourth Super Bowl, the oddsmakers are being conservative in 2016

6) – Indianapolis Colts (18-1, Previously 25-1):  Out of ‘Luck’ on Thanksgiving, looks like the Colts are in for a tough end to 2016

7) – Denver Broncos (20-1, Previously 20-1): Failing to find their groove last season, 2016 doesn’t look exceptionally different for Denver

8) – Atlanta Falcons (20-1, Previously 18-1): Despite injuries, Trufant and Coleman are coming back to boost Falcons chances this season

9) – Minnesota Vikings (25-1, Previously 25-1): Injured offensive line hasn’t helped the Vikings much as things look bleak for Minnesota

10) – Kansas City Chiefs (25-1, Previously 20-1): Oddsmakers not showing a lot of confidence as the Chiefs slip in the rankings

11) – New York Giants (30-1, Previously 30-1): With the Giants on a winning streak, something still doesn’t add up

12) – Detroit Lions (30-1, Previously 40-1): Fourth quarter miracles have helped the Lions bag first place in the NFC North. Who knew!

13) – Washington Redskins (40-1, Previously 40-1): True underdogs! The odds on Redskins may not be great however; these guys have the fire power to surprise everyone

14) – Houston Texans (50-1, Previously 40-1): The Texans haven’t been comfortable playing away from home which is creating problems for the 2015 division champions

15) – Arizona Cardinals (50-1, Previously 25-1): The Cardinals making it hard for their fans to be hopeful

16) – Baltimore Ravens (60-1, Previously 40-1):  With a grueling schedule ahead, the Ravens will need to fire up all cylinders right about now!

17) – Green Bay Packers (80-1, Previously 30-1): It all went south pretty quick for the Packers. How did it all go wrong, pretty sure everyone has the two cents

18) – Carolina Panthers (80-1, Previously 60-1):  The Panthers haven’t made their presence felt in a while now. This season is no different

19) – Bufallo Bills (80-1, Previously 200-1): The Bills showing signs of life with Watkins looking to make a comeback

20) – Miami Dolphins (80-1, Previously 100-1): The Dolphins still making Hootie & The Blowfish and Miami cry

21) – New Orleans Saints (100-1, Previously 100-1):  With a decent offense, the Saints can still make it to the end zone

22) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (100-1, Previously 300-1): Looking to build momentum, the Buccaneers need to start their engines immediately

23) – Tennessee Titans (100-1, Previously 80-1): Loosing to the Colts didn’t do much for Titans and its odds

24) – Cincinnati Bengals (200-1, Previously 50-1): Pretty difficult for the Bengals to claw their way after losing Bernard and Green. The odds don’t help either

25) – Philadelphia Eagles (200-1, Previously 60-1): With tough games still left on the schedule, things are not looking good for the Eagles

26) – San Diego Chargers (200-1, Previously 200-1): Decent team but such a shame where they’re at

27) – Los Angeles Rams (500-1, Previously 200-1):  Home to Hollywood is a little off this season. May be a storybook comeback this season could become a blockbuster next year

28) – New York Jets (2000-1, Previously 2000-1): The Jets still on the lookout for a franchise quarterback

29) – Jacksonville Jaguars (5000-1, Previously 2000-1): Has anyone seen Allen Hurns?

30) – Chicago Bears (OFF, Previously 1000-1): Super Bowl Champions in 86! That’s 30 years and counting

31) – San Francisco 49ers (OFF, Previously OFF): Kaepernicking all the way to the bottom!

32) – Cleveland Browns (OFF, Previously OFF): Nothing to see here Folks. Keep Moving!

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