10 reasons why you should love Supercross

October 27, 2015

The fact that Supercross is now a popular motorcycle sport can’t be denied. Over 800,000 fans tune in to watch Supercross every season according to Sports Business Journal. You can’t help but marvel at the sheer power of these four-stroke engines as they zig-zag their way through the obstacle-ridden dirt course.

Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why fans love it so much:

1.     Love for bikes!

If you love dirt bikes, Supercross is for you! From the Honda CRF 40R to the Kawasaki KX 550F, you will find powerfully built dirt bikes all gathered together for the ultimate showdown.

2.     A game of strategy

Unlike other racing sports, Supercross isn’t all about winning – even though winning never hurts. Rather, it’s about making your way through the tough, rough and uneven dirt course and crossing the finish line without losing your balance.

3.     The brutality of the course

A track that tests a rider’s ability is a track that spectators’ enjoy. Unlike other racing sports, the Supercross tests the rider’s creativity since there are quite a few ways to get around the Supercross track.  

4.     Adrenaline rush

Whether you are a dirt bike rider or a spectator, that feeling of flying through the air is simply priceless. Supercross is all about excitement, energy and pure adrenaline rush.

5.     The arena ambiance

A somewhat reminder of Roman times, Supercross racing events are huge, colorful and roaring with energetic crowds! However the only thing different is that instead of horses, these gladiators have machines with more than 50 horsepower at their disposal.

6.     Taming a 200+ pound beast

Supercross is all about precision and maneuvering a powerfully built bike. If you’re all about stunts, uncertainty, power and mayhem, become a part of Supercross.

7.     The close battles

Every race is a close battle! Bikers crossing each other’s paths, riding in and out, maneuvering their way to the end, you never know till the last second who’s going to win.

8.     Supercross legends, an inspiration!

Every sports enthusiast has that one idol they worship. The heroes of Supercross such as James Stewart, Travis Pastrana and Jeremy McGrath are an inspiration and ambassadors of Supercross all over the world.

9.     Bringing communities together

Supercross brings together bikers from all parts of the world, building a bond of sportsmanship and brotherhood.

10.    Sense of pride and accomplishment

At the end of every race, after crossing the finishing line, a sense of pride awaits the riders. Whether they lose or win, they know they put on a great show for thousands of fans attending and millions watching worldwide.

The madness of Supercross is much more than “just” a sport to countless fans out there. Some love Supercross for its adrenaline and energy levels, some love it for the dirt bikes, and some simply enjoy the excitement surrounding Supercross races.

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