10 Events you’ll regret to miss in this June

June 16, 2014

As summer sets in, the holiday season starts for most. The beaches beckon and seasonal attractions call. Off we go jumping in pools to cool off or strolling on the beach sides. But what if I told you, I’ve found a much more fun way to chill out? Want to know the secret? It’s this June’s big ten!

The weather might be hot, but these artists are hotter. And this summer, they’re coming together for some of the most talked about events in town. From country to Mexican, this June is packed with all kind of concerts that will put you in a party mood. Trust me, I speak from experience, ye little ones. So get ready to go to these summer spectaculars and ride the summer tide with me!


10. Romeo Santos


Starting off this list is a Bachata performer who has, more often than not, been praised as the best in his genre. Santos started his career as part of a local music group called Aventura. The band gave him a taste of the good life, and since then there has been no looking back for this Mexican super star. This thirty-something has sung his way into the hearts of many, and continues to do so as he embarks on his Vol 2 Tour. Catch him live as he serenades us with soulful songs such as Odio, All Aboard and La Diabla. This is one Mexican trailblazer that you just have to see live!


09. Tim McGraw, Kip Moore & Cassadee Pope


Get ready for the trio that’s going to make you pull on your cowboy boots, forget the heat, roll over in your big truck and head to the concert; country fans, I’m talkin’ to ya! Bringing together some of the biggest names of today’s country scene, this concert promises to be an unforgettable one. McGraw is a multiple Grammy winner, Pope is The Voice winner and lead vocalist of ‘Hey Monday’ while Moore is the hottest new thing on the charts. With the three of them on stage, this is bound to be one roller coaster night.


08. The Zac Brown Band


They’ve got a multi-platinum selling record, the ultimate Southern rock line-up and multiple Grammys to boot. This is one band every rock fan needs to see. The Zac Brown Band debuted with the album titled Home Grown in 2004. And since then, their rise to fame has been as meteoric as the temperature rise this summer! They shot out of nowhere and since then, they’ve been going supernova. This year, they are all set to go on the Great American Road Trip Tour and fans can’t seem to wait. Make sure you Jump Right In on the wave rocking the country.


07. OneRepublic and the Script


Twice the music and twice the fun! This is the ultimate summer jam. So join in, because you can’t afford to miss the deadly combination that is creating quite a buzz. OneRepublic, the name behind hits such as Apologize, Marching On and the latest Counting Stars, is all set to go on a promotional tour this summer. And joining them will be none other than the Irish band that refuses to move out of our hearts! That’s right; The Script will be joining OneRepublic. They shot to fame with The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. And now, they’ve cemented their place on the charts and in our hearts with songs such as For the First Time and Nothing. Now, I don’t know about you, but there’s no chance that I’m losing the opportunity to let these two rock my socks off. No matter how hot the summer gets, it can’t match the fire on stage when these two get together.


06. Journey and Steve Miller Band


How many times have you held on to the shampoo bottle and belted out Don’t Stop Believing? Come on, be true, I’ve done more times than I can keep count of! Our music industry wouldn’t be where it is without the work of bands such as Journey, and you can’t deny that. This June, Journey takes you back in time as they make stops all over the country with their super hit songs. And the gold star on this Christmas tree? The Steve Miller Band will be joining Journey on their concerts. I don’t know whether to jump with joy or drop dead with excitement! This is one of those once in a lifetime kind of opportunities that seldom comes by. So trust me when I say, Take The Money and Run to the nearest concert venue.


05. Lionel Riche and CeeLo Green


Hello, is it the biggest summer party that you’re looking for? Because these Lady Killers are coming to town and I’m forgetting everything and heading to watch them rip the stage apart with their smash hits. This is one collaboration, music lovers must not miss. Young, old, metal-heads, country souls; no matter who you are, or what your musical taste; you can’t deny that you’ve never danced to the beat of Forget You, or let your heart out to Hello, Is It Me You’re looking For. These two multi-Grammy winning artists are coming together for a summer concert. And trust me when I say, if you ain’t there, you ain’t nowhere.


04. Bruno Mars and Aloe Blacc


They’re The Men! The ones you should be watching this summer because they are just too good to be true. And if this is a dream, then don’t Wake Me Up. Because, as far as I’m concerned, things just don’t get any better than these two artists headlining various concerts around the country. Mars is a Grammy award winning, chart topping super hit pop singer, and Blacc is one of this year’s most coveted artists; he’s ruling the charts and our hearts. Coming together, these two will be giving limited concerts this June, and I’m going to make sure I’m there, come rain or shine. Make sure you’re not Locked Out of Heaven, and make your way to their concert now!


03. The Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry and Plain White T’s


One of the biggest rock acts of the 90’s, one of the most popular rock acts from the 2000’s and one of the most loved pop punk bands around; the Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry and Plain White T’s are coming together this June. You cannot afford to miss this night of super star collaboration. These three will bring smash hit singles such as Iris, Hey There Delilah and It’s Not Over to a stage near you. Sway to their beats and let all your worries drift away!


02. Monumentour: Fall Out Boy & Paramore


Monumen-tour is Monumen-right! These rock legends are coming together for a string of concerts, and will be touring the country with their super hits. Fall Out Boy hit it big with their sophomore album, and since then they have given us some of the best songs such as Dance Dance, A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More Touch Me, I Don’t Care and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark. They’ve become America’s Suitehearts. And we’re not complaining! Joining them is the Grammy nominated band with hits such as Misery Business and Crushcrushcrush. Paramore has been on the scene since 2004. And now, they’re unstoppable. The two acts will be hitting the road together so get ready for the fun to begin!


01. Paul McCartney


Finishing off this list of June top ten’s is none other than the one, the only, Sir Paul McCartney. This ex-Beatle has been one of the biggest international rockers and we just can’t get enough of his songs. Whether it’s the hits from the 60’s and the 70’s, or his latest work, McCartney enjoys a permanent place in our hearts. And we’re more than happy to keep him there. He’s one of the greatest artists as ranked by Rolling Stones, has eighteen Grammy wins to his name and has won almost every major award and accolade out there. There is a reason why he’s the hottest act in town. And we can’t wait to rock out to this legend.

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