There are some certainties in life that you cannot ignore or deny: Life, death, taxes and the New England Patriots making the playoffs. Since 2001 when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady came to town, the New England Patriots have been without a doubt, the most dominant team in the NFL. Their rise to the top of the NFL Mount Rushmore has been stunning and record breaking in equal measure.

Now that the playoffs are here, the New England Patriots are once again the talk of the town and the favorites to win Super Bowl LI in Houston. Oh and this is now not any other Pats team, this is a side out to get some retribution. Last year’s Deflategate episode has made them a more resilient group and they are out to prove a point. This is a dangerous Pats team and no matter how much you hate them, not that us Pats fans care, you cannot deny that we will win Super Bowl LI and rewrite history books yet again.

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Let me tell you why we the New England Patriots will win Super Bowl LI.

1: Home Field Advantage

The New England Patriots have gone 14-2 in regular season and what that means is that we will be playing our playoffs at home this year and that will play to our advantage. A lot of people will turn around and say that the “2” in 14-2 came at home but playoffs are a totally different beast altogether. Now there are no second chances and in such high pressure situations, I would rather be playing at the Gillette Stadium where the fans will be like an extra man. Thank you very much.

2: Deflategate

As a fan of the New England Patriots, it has always felt like it has been us versus the world for the past decade and a half. The Deflategate episode has simply gone on to solidify that feeling and we are out with a vengeance, make no mistake about that. This is a Pats team that is out to show the world, that they do not care what everyone else thinks. This is a Pats team that wants to reach the top of the mountain once again and show the world who the boss is. This is Pats team that is hell bent on winning Super Bowl LI and it will do that.

3: A More Resilient Unit

We are a much better team on the whole as compared to last season and the credit for that goes to the entire management and the coaching team. When Jamie Collins was traded in the middle of the campaign and then Rob Gronkowski’s season ended due to injury, the Pats’ season could have imploded. But this is the Pats we are talking about here.

The Pats won all 8 games after Gronkowski got injured. And to put the icing on the cake, the Pats just let the opposition score 12 points on average in their 7 game winning streak to end the regular season. A better defense and a more resilient unit for me are two of the biggest factors why we will lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the NRG Stadium.

4: Tom Brady

It has become somewhat of a cliché to say that Tom Brady is the key to the New England Patriots’ winning the Super Bowl. The genius is at the peak of his career and seems to be getting better with each season. The most brilliant aspect of Brady clicking is that he has a team around him that fully complements his incredible skills. The trust between Brady and the offense is there for everyone to see and good luck to anyone who tries to stop the Pats, juggernaut.

5: History Beckons

Then there is small issue of rewriting history books, once again. If the Pats win Super Bowl LI, and they will do that, then Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will become the first in their respective positions to win five Super Bowl rings. No one has rewritten history books and set new standards better than the Pats over the last fifteen years. Yes, I know a lot of people will hate seeing that but then even the most staunch opponents cannot deny that this is a record that will take some beating.

Now that you know why the New England Patriots are going to win Super Bowl LI on February 5, 2017, let us see your team stop us.