What actors wouldn’t do to get into the core of their characters! Recently after bagging the role of Fantine in the movie version of the hit theater classic Les Miserables, Anne Hathway decided to part ways with her signature locks.  After all she’s playing the role of a girl who is dying of tuberculosis and what better way to get the ‘affected’ look than to chop your hair. Not only this, but she also lived on only hummus and radishes for months to lose weight and achieve skinny look for the movie. Now that’s some commitment!  Les Miserables movie is the talk of the town these days, especially after its stellar cast was revealed. While there are no doubts about the story being a classic, but ever since the news of film hit the headlines, the sales ofLes Miserables tickets for the theater version have soared. People have been visiting the theaters in hordes.