I don’t know why, but no matter however much the critics may disparage Coldplay for being all mushy and sappy, I fail to find fault with them. They sound pretty sincere to me, not at all fake or even ‘over the top’ gushy. I mean sure they pour their hearts and souls into their lyrics but their compositions are pretty hard core rock. I wouldn’t mind parting with my dollars for Coldplay tickets as I would stay forever loyal to them!

The British alternative rock band started off when the star vocalist Chris Martin got together with guitarist Jonny Buckland while they were students at the University College London in 1996. They called themselves “Starfish” back then. Later when Will Championthe multi instrumentalist/drummer and Guy Berryman, the official bassist, joined in, they came to be known as ‘Coldplay’. I, for one, am glad they didn’t stick to “Starfish”. That name definitely comes across as somewhat “sappy” and I would prefer they stayed all macho and ‘cold’.