Lady Gaga ‘Joanne’ World Tour After Super Bowl Half Time Performance

Once again all fans are going Gaga for their favorite star! And Lady Gaga is having the time of her life. First came the stellar performance at Super Bowl half time and now she is all set for a new tour in support of her new album Joanne.With the announcement of her Super Bowl LI [...]

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10 Non US Actors Who Made it Big in Hollywood

Hollywood is the true land of opportunity. There are very few industries in the world that can boast such a wide variety of genders, ethnicities, religions and races, all working in tandem to make some of the best movies the world has ever seen. Even though its base is in the US, countless actors from [...]

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Billy Joel The Icon keeps on going

One of the most legendary voices in American music history, Billy Joel has legions of fans all around the world. The “Piano Man” hit maker has sold millions of records worldwide and is a charismatic live performer. Over the course of his critically acclaimed career he has been nominated for twenty three Grammy Awards and [...]

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Still Mad for Madonna

There is no denying that Madonna is the reigning queen of pop, much like her biblical counterpart who is asserted to be the “Queen of Heaven,” in the grand tradition of ancient female goddesses namely, Semiramis, Astarte and Inana. I can still recall her “Material Girl” days when she was first borne out as the [...]

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My Reintroduction to Justin Bieber

Just a few months back, I was one of the hardcore non-Beliebers. I used to slam his talent and question his stardom at any given chance. Then there was a friend of mine, Julia, who used to love this kid like anything. And I used to wonder why! But things are changed now. I have [...]

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