On Sunday, the January 7, The Golden Globes 2018 award season kicked off with a particularly moving evening in the wake of sexual harassment scandals and the #MeToo campaign in Hollywood. Here are some of the highlights from this evening.

The ‘Times Up’ Initiative

The Times Up Initiative was launched a week before this ceremony by some of the most powerful women in Hollywood. It made the resolution to put more women in front of and behind the camera so that abuse and strongholds over them can be brought to an end.

As a result, the Golden Globes’ red carpet was dominated with black, where it was a flurry of colors in previous years. Some celebrities, such as Allison Janney accessorized with white and other colors and many male celebrities switched white for black shirts in their tuxedos. It was a rare and interesting sight as Hollywood stood in unison with women.

Ceremony led by the #MeToo Movement

The night’s host, Seth Meyers set the tone for the night in his monologue, by taking jibes at Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey for countless sexual harassment allegations. However, he used this platform to dig at some accused men who still rein Hollywood, such as Woody Allen, which elicited a surprised response from the audience.

It was interesting to note how Natalie Portman went noticeably off-script while announcing the Best Director Award, stating; “and here are the all-male nominees.”

The night, however, was solidified by Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance of the Cecil B DeMille Award as she recounted years of racial and sexual discrimination that the industry has faced and is coming out of.

The evening was full of inspirational moments. Despite being an entertaining and fun event, it clearly was a change from the established rule of the Globes being a night of drinking and merriment.